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3 Reasons Why The Big Apple Is Perfect For Revolutionary New Media Startup VIDGO



There is nowhere quite like the Big Apple when it comes to looking for something to do and something to see. Millions of travelers come to New York City each and every year and a great number of them are here to see a Broadway show or just to get a place in the audience of television shows like the ever-popular ABC daytime news/weather/entertainment show, Good Morning America. Now you can take TV with you as you make your way through the throngs of tourists and residents with a revolutionary new streaming media app.

Here are just three of the reasons why the Big Apple is perfect for launching new media startups like VIDGO:

1. The Sheer Size of the Market.

As the second largest metro area in the world, with only Tokyo/Yokohama, Japan topping it, NYC metro now boasts a population totaling over 8.5 million, according to the latest estimate released by the United States Census Bureau back in 2015. That number may now, two years down the road, be nearing the 9 million mark. So, in a market this enormous, a startup with the right marketing can reach a huge local audience. With VIDGO, this is ideal because it is an app that lets users take television with them on the go. A large market gives a startup a better base for metrics and viewers get their favorite shows, movies and entertainment to take along with them.

2. Something to Do in Traffic.

However, while boasting a huge market like this is exciting, there is sometimes a flipside and that would be the amount of time spent traveling to and from destinations. Those who resent not being home in time for their favorite television shows or have been unable to get tickets to be in the audience can now bring everything along with them because VIDGO makes that possible. It’s a revolutionary new concept in streaming media where you can stream live television right to your mobile device once you have the app and a subscription. The app is free, which is great to know!

3. People Expect Great Entertainment in the Big Apple.

As home to Broadway, Times Square and some of the nation’s largest television networks and recording studios of all kinds, people have just come to expect great entertainment in the Big Apple. Consider the fact that all four of the major television networks have their headquarters in NYC and you will understand why VIDGO is proud to be launching their revolutionary new streaming TV app in a market this robust! With ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox all headquartered in the Big Apple, people just come to expect great entertainment in this market and that is what VIDGO is giving them, with a revolutionary new slant!

What VIDGO Means in a Metro Area This Enormous.

When you stop to think about having the ability to give 8.5 million (or more!) residents plus tens of thousands of visitors at any given time, access to streaming television of their choice no matter where they are, it’s almost beyond what you can imagine. VIDGO enables viewers to ‘tune in’ to their favorite shows live as they are broadcast. While television networks have some of their programming live on the Internet, you cannot watch all shows all the time as they are aired. Most viewers either need to set up a DVR at home to record, and in the absence of that, they either need to wait for re-broadcasting or miss some episodes altogether. With VIDGO that will never be a problem.

From local programming to national broadcasts, you can get it all and so much more through one revolutionary new app. The Big Apple just got bigger in the eyes of so many TV fans because now they can take their favorite shows with them on the go. What a revolutionary new concept in streaming media – videos on the go live – VIDGO.