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6 Quick Tips For Destressing From Work And Business



There are instances in which work can cause too much stress. Considering the deadlines that have to be met as well as bosses that you need to please, you might just want to give up and walk away. However, since you have family to take care of, you just can’t leave.

The good thing is that there are ways for you to de-stress from work while working and after the work is done. You need to give yourself a break. Otherwise, it would keep on piling up until you can’t take it anymore.

1. Take a Walk Outside of the Office Area.

When the office becomes too toxic for you to work in, you don’t have to be there. Take some time off to walk around and breathe fresh air. Have a 10-minute walk in the park nearby or just go somewhere away from work. This allows you to think and relax.

This is a proven method, known to have been used by Steve Jobs to get creative, meet with people and to contemplate. This would also allow you to disconnect from your immediate work environment, so you can easily avoid doing impulsive decisions that you will regret later.

2. Finish Work on Time and Get your Workout.

Once you feel like the office is no longer a good place for you, make sure you finish on time and leave. If you have pending work, you can work on them the next day.

Get your workout as soon as possible. Find a fitness class you enjoy: high intensity interval training (HIIT), martial arts, running, and weightlifting – these are all great options for de-stressing. This will allow you take your mind off things and let you channel your anger and frustration into a physical activity. In addition, working out routinely will help decrease your stress levels as well, so you would feel more relaxed in general.

3. Put on some Music.

You can stay inside the office but let go of everything that bothers you by putting on some music. It helps if you can put on a headset and float away with the music. It helps that you listen to your favorite songs and relax every now and then.

4. Talk to a Close Colleague.

If you really can’t take it and you need someone to speak with, talk to a close friend or a colleague whom you trust. This helps so that you don’t burst in anger. This person will most likely keep your words a secret. You might also need a different perspective. Perhaps, you are wrong and you just need someone to point it out.

5. Watch Funny Videos.

Take your phone out and watch funny videos even just for a few minutes. As always, laughter is the best medicine. It helps you forget everything that stresses you out. Better yet, you watch these videos before you start working. It could set your mood for the day. Once you start working and you feel stressed, you just have to think of those funny videos again and you will feel refreshed.

6. Keep our Favorite Snack inside the Drawer.

Of course, comfort foods are the best. When the going gets tough, just pop open your favorite snacks and it will make you feel less stressed. It is advised that you always have a bar of chocolate on your drawer or something that does not spoil easily. Be careful not to keep a lot of them. You might end up stress eating. This is just a way for you to feel a bit relaxed when you are already too stressed out.

You deserve to have a happy working environment. If you can’t have one, make sure you have a way of coping up when you are stressed out.


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