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Top 5 Benefits Of Switching To Cloud Hosting


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There are multiple benefits in switching from traditional web hosting to cloud hosting. We will talk about the most important ones below. Business owners should read them very carefully since making the right decision now will help them save money and get more value for their money. If you decide to do that step make sure to choose an SSD cloud server. It will give you the best performance and value.

Let’s address the top 10 benefits below but before that we will explain what is cloud hosting:

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting allows end users to utilize servers’ resources from a farm of physical servers (cloud hosting cluster) and for as much resources as they use. Cloud hosting can have extra reliability built-in if the cloud hosting provider added it. Users can scale up and down their resources 24/7 easily and in many cases without downtime. Smart business owners are migrating their data and online services to the cloud to save money and be more efficient.

Why moving to an ssd cloud server is a good idea? It’s due to the benefits it provides.

Cloud hosting saves money.

You will pay less if you move your data and host it on a cloud server. Cloud hosting allows you to allocate as much resources as you need to each of your servers. As a result you will pay for those resources only. Let’s say you have a dedicated server with 1TB space, 16GB RAM and single CPU with 4 cores. You actually use 150GB space, 12GB RAM and 3 CPU cores. You can get a cloud server with 150GB space, 12GB RAM and 3 CPU cores and you will not be paying for the additional power which you don’t use anyway.

Add/remove resources anytime.

A cloud server will give you the flexibility to add and remove resources when you want. In most cases that process does not involve downtime. When it does the interruption is very short (2-3 minutes). You don’t get that flexibility with a traditional server. If you have to add more RAM to it the datacenter technicians will have to take it down for 20 minutes to add the RAM. The same applies to removing RAM. Cloud hosting even allows you to activate automatic scale up/down of resources when you reach a specific usage threshold. You can configure it to add an additional CPU core every time your CPU usage reaches 80%. Or you can configure It to add 2GB extra memory when you have less than 10% RAM remaining. You can also make it remove resources in the same way when your usage decreases under a specific threshold.

Cloud hosting increases your uptime.

If the CPU or motherboard in your traditional server dies you will have hours of downtime. The drives will have to be moved to a new physical server with the same configuration. With an ssd cloud server the situation is easier. Each server in the cloud hosting setup is a virtual machine. You can migrate it to any of the physical servers in the cloud. That process takes seconds. In a hardware failure like this you will have no more than 5 minutes of downtime. The process of moving cloud virtual servers in cases of hardware failures is automatic. In most cases you never understand there was a problem. All that happens behind the scenes and is monitored by the systems administrators of your cloud hosting provider.

Your web apps will load faster.

An SSD cloud server will give you much better performance compared to a traditional server. On top of it the cloud server will be cheaper. Most of the traditional servers use old and slow HDD’s while modern cloud hosting servers use SSD drives. They are up to 50 times faster than normal HDD’s. If performance is important for your business then switching to a cloud server will give you the best performance you can get nowadays. Do not forget about the ssd drives though.

Instant deployment.

Installing a traditional server may take from one hour to multiple hours. Deploying a cloud server takes a minute. You can also create images which you can use later to deploy pre-configured servers. Let’s say you use cPanel on all your servers and you keep the same configuration on all of them. You can install a cloud server, configure it with cPanel and then create an image from it. After that you can use the image to deploy hundreds of servers and save many many hours of your time. Then you can spend that time elsewhere which will bring more value and profit to your business.

Final thoughts and conclusion.

The fact that cloud hosting is rapidly growing and more individuals and businesses use it tells everything. The technology is stable and efficient. Google uses it too. Switching to an ssd cloud server will allow you to pay less and have more flexibility, performance and save time.

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