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Why Your Startup Needs To Add Exhibiting To The Marketing Mix


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As a startup business, every marketing channel that you choose is new and can seem a bit daunting. After all, each channel will have its own nuisances to learn in order to maximise your output and make sure that everything is working to increase your ROI and not be a drain on your resources.

You may now be at a point of thinking whether exhibiting is a worthwhile investment in order to grow your business. After all, it can be a lot of time, effort and money to do well, so why should you?

Highest ROI.

When done well, exhibiting has one of the highest recorded ROIs as compared to other marketing channels. So the research shows that it’s profitable, but of course it all depends on choosing the right show for you. Some exhibitions will be more expensive than others to exhibit at – such as national shows run at large venues such as London Olympia or Birmingham’s NEC. Local shows will have a smaller set up cost but of course you’d expect to get less traffic.

If you’re just starting out, then investing in a small show to start with where you know your target audience will be attending is a good place to dip your toe in the water of exhibiting.

Meeting your customers.

For online businesses, getting the opportunity to see real customers can be truly enlightening. Seeing their reaction to your products and services and being able to answer their questions can help guide the future of your business. With each conversation you can learn what people love about your products and things that you may need to improve.

Brand awareness.

Exhibitions provide unique environments where brands are placed side-by-side in open formats to allow people to flow from one space to the next. This allows visitors to see in a glance the difference between one brand and the next. To decide which brand they’re going to stop and talk to.

It allows your business to be seen in the same glance as your competitors and gives you the opportunity to raise awareness of your brand to people who may not already know about you.

Make sure you keep their attention and let people know about your brand by using express exhibition stands to show your logo and USP toward the top of the display. This will make sure that it can be seen above a crowd.


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