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Struggling To Think Of A Business Plan? Why Not Keep It Close To Home


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You want to get into business? How very valiant of you but you’re really not sure of what type you want to get into. Don’t worry. A lot of people are in the same boat as you. One thing’s for certain is that in business, you need to be absolutely positive of the direction that you’re going to take.

Here are some pointers for you which could start working the cogs in your entrepreneurial mind:

What kind of things are you into? What are your favourite hobbies? If we know that, then this is a huge stepping stone. Get into something that you’re passionate about. Say you love sports and helping the community.  Well how about setting up your own team of P.E teachers and going around primary or secondary schools and teaching classes? You could at first do this solely in the evening after schools have finished and then maybe bring it towards the daytime for adults if you drum up a huge interest. Not only will you be earning money for something you love, but also your fitness will be top notch.

If sport isn’t your thing but you’re still a care for the community kind of person, then how about looking into homecare franchise opportunities. Everyone needs a little help some of the time and you relish the challenges this kind of work throws up, so why not make it your business? Start off with a course, maybe some experience too where you can learn the ropes and then why not place an ad in your local post office or in the newspaper that comes through your door every Wednesday? From there, word will spread like wildfire of your services. Don’t underestimate the chatter of elderly ladies in Annie’s tea room early on a Sunday morning. When money keeps rolling in and time is starting to come on top of you, why not employ a fellow member of staff to take the weight off your shoulders? You’ll only be too glad for the help.

Are you more of a material girl or fashion fella? Then how about combining something that you love doing on the high street at the weekend with your job? Sounds too good to be true right? Well a personal shopper business is definitely reachable with a unique and great idea and a bit of research, experience and a smidgen of elbow grease. You can look into your market by just asking friends and family what colours and designs they normally go for and what they believe is missing from today’s shops.  Also, you may want to look online, at blogs and magazines. What’s en vogue at the moment? From then, try emailing round your CV to decent brand clothes stores and follow a personal shopper in their daily routine. Note down any special techniques they do and how they interact with the clients. This is shopping at its best and you love it.

You have so many good ideas coming through now and you know that you will succeed. Now put your passion on paper and experience business just the way you like it.