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Have You Considered Waste Management? Here’s Why You Should


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Waste management can be one of those tasks involved in running a business that gets overlooked. What often happens to workplace waste – that is, things like old files, equipment, documents and so on – is that it all gets thrown in the garbage during a spring clean. There’s a better way to go about this, however.

Here are a few reasons to consider proper workplace waste management:

You can save time and money.

Hauling all of that stuff out of the office and down to the dumpster on the ground floor is going to take hours, time you and your staff could better spend on the running of your business. Companies like Shred-X are great way to maintain your workplace momentum and avoid having to down tools for the day. These types of businesses can ensure the safe destruction of all your unwanted office materials, and in strict compliance with privacy laws should any old-but-still-sensitive documents need to be disposed of.

You have a degree of responsibility.

Following on from the last point, any sensitive documents that require disposal must be taken care of in a way that protects those involved. This is easily the most beneficial part of ensuring good waste management in the office – you can be sure that any older documents will be destroyed entirely and the security of the signees is protected. It’s often not enough to shred in a standard store-bought shredder, as it simply cuts paper in neat lines. For correct document destruction, a commercial shredder is generally the way to go.

It is more environmentally friendly.

Offices produce a lot of tech waste, which contributes to vast swaths of landfill. It’s a growing problem, but you don’t have to be a part of it. Good office waste management will ensure that any old office tech – computers, printers, faxes, phones – will be destroyed in ways that will make them perfect for recycling. While only a drop in the ocean, you can rest easy knowing that your business is doing its part to help protect the environment.

It can boost morale and productivity.

A clean office is a happy office. Staff have been shown to function better in clean, uncluttered, well-lit workspaces. Regularly taking care of your office waste will allow you to maintain the sleek, modern look and feel of your office without any clutter piling up. Digitising your paper documents for storage will also allow you to move through any hard copy filing that may be building up.

These are just a few of the ways good waste management habits in the office can help you run a better, safer, more efficient business. What are some of your tips for managing waste in the office?