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Reasons For Failure Of ERP Implementation



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation is a part of each and every organization. ERP training is a hectic procedure if not done in the proper way. It is really difficult to adapt to every single change keeping in mind about the old ERP systems. Most of the times ERP implementation is not a success and the reason is loopholes in training procedure.

The reasons for ERP implementation failure are as follows:

One of the major important reasons for failure is the resistance to new changes. Employees fail to relate the old and new ERP system and face difficulties to get adjusted to the new system. Stress, fear and inability to get adjusted to technological changes might result in ERP failure and cause disaster in a company. Training the employees in a proper way can help one to get rid of this problem.

Not training the employees, apart from the trainer can be a major reason for ERP implementation cycle failure. Hiring an ERP coach to train for better workflow is of utmost importance in any organization. If one is not sure about the way the new ERP implementation cycle works, he or she must conduct the ERP vendors. It has been that ERP coach is unable to provide proper training and as a result the implementation cycle fails miserably. The trainees of an organization must have a clear understanding of how the system works and what are the latest changes.

To close the deal fast and keep the expenditure down, it has been seen that ERP vendors often tend to go for lesser number of implementation days. This is another major reason for failure of new ERP implementation cycle. Do not fall in that trap! Lesser number of ERP implementation days may often result in failure of the entire system. It is important for the employees of the organization to don’t close the ERP training until every employee has had a clear idea about it. Vendors of ERPs like Netsuite or Salesforce can never guarantee you that the implementation would be done on the quoted number of days. So until the system is up and everyone has a clear idea of the new process, it is better not to underestimate the number of implementation and training days.

Not accepting the new system by the management can be another reason for ERP failure. The management has to take this thing in consideration that a new ERP system can resolve all the previous issues and will be best for the organization. Each and every member throughout the organization must believe that the management is just behind the new system and everyone will try their best to ensure the success of the new cycle.

Choosing the wrong ERP solution can also be a problem for people. It is better to choose the correct ERP solution wisely with a renowned consultant like Gurus Solutions or JDE Consulting Services before one tries to implement it in the organization. These are some of the reasons ERP implementation fails. Training is the major part of any new ERP system and the organization should be careful enough to train every one with respect to the upcoming changes. A new ERP system can only be a success when every employee is comfortable with the new changes and the workflow of the organization increases to a great extent.