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From Berlin To Boston: Which City Is Best For Your Startup?



One of the best things about setting up a startup these days is that nothing is out of bounds thanks to the Internet. You can now trade with clients in other continents. And there is a wealth of resources online that you can help yourself to whenever you need them. For these reasons, more and more companies are choosing to stay online and help their customers and clients remotely.

But what about your HQ? Every company needs a bricks-and-mortar office where their employees work from. Why not set up camp in one of the following cities that are thought to be best for startups?

Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston has recently been announced as the best American city in which to launch a new company. It seems that Silicon Valley is no longer the place to be, and new startups are moving out east. But why is Boston so good for business? It seems that the incubators in the city are some of the best in the country. And as the city is closely linked to NYC, business owners can be close enough to the Big Apple without paying its extortionate rent.

Berlin, Germany.

Berlin has been thought of as a startup haven for a few years now. If you set up office here, you will be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Delivery Hero, Get Your Guide, and MBJ BERLIN. The German capital is renowned for its very cheap rents. So you will easily be able to find some central office space that is well within your budget. The city also has a seriously cool image. And that means young people are flocking to live there. So you will never be short of employees!

Helsinki, Finland.

If you can handle the cold, you might want to consider setting up your operations in the Finnish capital, Helsinki! The city is now home to over 70 startups and generates around a third of the country’s GDP. There is actually a booming startup across Scandinavia. But Helsinki has the advantage over the likes of Copenhagen and Stockholm. That’s because it places companies within easy reach of the startups that are popping up on the Baltic Coast.

Paris, France.

After the UK voted to leave the EU this summer, Paris has been trying to tempt all of London’s startups to move to the French capital. Startups in Paris are generating an impressive amount of capital. And who wouldn’t want to live in one of the most sophisticated cities in the world?!

Bucharest, Romania.

If cheap office rents really appeal to you, take a look at the cheap rents across Bucharest in Romania. Surprisingly, this eastern city has some very good incubators, and its startup companies are generating a lot of revenue. Making this a very appealing destination for investors and company owners. As the city has suffered from economic lows in its history, it has now developed a very self-sufficient culture. What better for a thriving startup scene?!

So, where will your next business venture take you?