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Fill That Hole In Your Dental Business With These Marketing Ideas



Dental practices have gotten a bit of bad press recently. There’s been a firestorm around the fact that they don’t often advertise their prices openly and transparently. And this has meant that a lot of patients have wound up going into debt to pay for dental services.

As a result, dentists have got a public relations issue they need to deal with – and quick. Fortunately, there are a lot of very clever people in the industry who know a thing or two about marketing success. Here’s what they suggest.

Send Out Postcards.

Tyler Brown is a dental marketing specialist. Recently, he’s been trialling a new approach with his clients to generate more businesses. He’s found that sending out postcards in the local neighbourhood gets people to call. Of every 5,000 postcards, they send out; they get around 35 phone calls and seven new patients.

Pass On Supplier Savings To Customers.

When shopping for dental supplies, always be on the lookout for potential savings. Most suppliers will offer periodic savings on specific items that they’re trying to promote. Use these discounts to reduce the costs of your services. Or give patients supplies, like interdental brushes, for free to get repeat business.

Use Google My Business.

Most of your patients will try to find out more about your business online before they get in touch with you by phone. This is why Ameet Khabra, search engine strategist, recommends you put your business up on Google’s listing. Google listings put your business front and centre when people search for it online. It’ll appear on a map, which immediately increases credibility and visibility. And patients will be able to use the information below the map to get in contact with you. If they’re using mobile, they’ll be able to use their navigation app to find their way directly to your business.

It turns out that Google loves it when companies use geo-location to identify their location. It helps make the company appear more legitimate. And this ultimately boosts your practice’s rank in Google’s search results.

Use Text Reminders.

One of the biggest costs for dentists is patients who don’t show up. Some practices charge a fee for no-shows, but this is hardly ideal for good client relationships. Marc Prosser suggests a different strategy. He proposes that all dental practices use text reminders to prompt flaky clients to show up for their appointments. Often clients simply forget that they have an appointment. And sometimes, they just need that extra bit of encouragement to come and see you. Text reminders, Prosser believes, are the best way to do this. Studies have shown that they reduce missed appointments by up 50 percent.

Focus On Local SEO.

There’s no point in your dental practice looking for ways to attract online clients if they don’t live anywhere near your practice. That’s why Jeff Green recommends new clinics target only their local market when doing their SEO. Green isn’t a clinician himself. But he’s managed the SEO process for dozens of startup dental clinics. He says that doing local SEO, and organising charity events is a surefire way to increase customer interest.

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