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6 Surveillance Camera Systems For Commercial Use


by Richard Henke, CEO of On Guard Systems, Inc

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Whether you are responsible for a small shop, a home, place of worship, or hotel, the last thing you need is for something awful to happen to your building. To prevent and drive away crime from damaging your property, there are several commercial surveillance camera systems to pick from. While hired security guards, a close proximity to police, and guard dogs might work for some estates and businesses, camera surveillance is the most effective way to deter unlawful behavior.

Listed below are the top six best camera brands and models for your commercial security needs:

1. Speco Miniature Weather-Proof Color Bullet Camera.

For those seeking discretion, Speco’s Miniature Color Bullet camera is just what you need. Its sturdy housing can easily operate between temperatures of 120° F and -20° F, making it a quintessential addition for outdoor monitoring. Along with this, it is also water resistant, capable of working in night or day, and only needs 0.03 lux to take pictures. However, this model is also very light sensitive, so for outstanding results, do not point or mount the Speco Color Bullet at the sun or other bright objects.

2. Hikvision IR Mini Bullet Network Camera.

The Hikivision IR Mini Bullet’s compact frame disproves its power. This camera records at thirty frames per second at 1080p, and is four megapixels. It comes pre-packaged with a versatile mount and onboard camera software. This model is an ideal camera for around the clock surveillance, and although it may seem complex to first-time buyers, it is a sound addition to your security system.

3. Pelco Spectra HD IP High-Speed Dome Camera.

For a crystal-clear image on your IP camera, the Pelco Spectra never fails to deliver. The clarity of this model camera is so detailed that it can capture playing cards in a distance and even tattoos. This camera holds H.264 compression in its video quality, and can be operated with third party software with open architecture connectivity. This low-maintenance model is ideal for indoor surveillance in hotels, casinos, and homes.

4. Bosch IP Camera 200 Series HD.

For a high-performing security camera that is also cost effective, look no further than the Bosch IP NBC 225-P and 255-P. Each of these models is capable of recording both H.264 and M-JPEG video streams, and come ready-to-use with software. These crisp and compact cameras make the Bosch IP 200 Series perfect for apartments, offices, and small businesses.

5. Alibi Outdoor Bullet Security Camera.

The Outdoor Bullet is an optimal camera for safeguarding your place of business or home. This model’s 2.1 megapixel resolution is ideal for applications that require high levels of detail, such as license plate numbers and facial features. With a built-in wide dynamic range and an 80 degree field of view, the Alibi Outdoor Bullet’s ability to work in all lighting conditions is hard to compete with.

6. Everfocus EBN268 Ball Camera.

This Everfocus model is the perfect entry-level camera. Everfocus EBN268 Ball Camera‘s rather small size and finely-constructed dome makes installation relatively easy if you already own cable runs. This model’s inconspicuous profile makes it well-suited for smaller areas, like front doors or patios. The EBN268 does incredibly well in low light surveillance as well, and works best while observing surroundings within thirty feet, but is also capable of viewing over ninety feet away with its 3.6 mm lens.

For the best in security and commercial surveillance, trust On Guard Systems. All of On Guard System’s commercial surveillance camera operations are viewable remotely by smartphone and PC. They can be programmed to transmit snaps and clips when secure areas are breached. They make it virtually impossible for criminals to go unnoticed, in combination with license plate recognition. Let these professionals keep a look out so you don’t have to.



Richard Henke, CEO of On Guard Systems, Inc in Lafayette, Louisiana is devoted to providing safety and security both commercially and residentially. With more than 35 years of experience in automation and security systems under his belt, Richard believes that protecting what you value is personal, and strides to provide the same level of security and safety that you would for those near and dear to you.