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Why You Should Be Using Social Media As An Extension Of Customer Service


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Going into business, you would assume that in order to be successful all you need is a great product or service and a reasonable customer base that is interested in making a purchase. Sure, that might be what generates revenue in the beginning, but in order to attract new customers and retain loyal ones, you also need to focus on providing outstanding customer service.

It has been proven time and time again that companies who take care of the needs of their customers last a lot longer than those who don’t. In this day in age, companies large and small are upping the ante on their customer service efforts. Thanks to digital platforms like social media, companies now have the means to not only interact socially with their customers but also the ability to instantly satisfy their needs.

You May Want to Enlist Help.

If you’re thinking about using social media as a means for customer support, it is going to be extremely important that you maintain a professional, consistent presence online. There is nothing worse than starting a page and then not maintaining it properly, as this can ruin your reputation faster than not having a social media presence at all.

If you believe that the ongoing maintenance and participation that is needed to manage a company social media page would be too much, you might want to consider working with a social media agency who would do the day to day managing for you. They would essentially work with you to find out what your target audience is, what your goals are for your social media page, and help you with the day to day responsibilities of ensuring that your reputation grows.

Benefits of Social Support for You and Your Customers.

Still not convinced that offering social media as an extension of your customer service efforts is a good idea? Here is a list of the benefits that both you and your customers can expect:

· Instant Gratification.

Customers want instant gratification. Making a phone call and having to sort through prompt menus, sending emails and having to wait 24-48 hours for a reply or having to physically come to a location are not their idea of instant gratification. As such, social media would provide a platform for you to be able to answer their questions or concerns within a few minutes. Not to mention with decent social media content, many of their answers may be found by simply browsing your company page. This saves you time and keeps them happy.

· Personalized Service.

Customers highly prefer dealing with people that they can relate to as opposed to operator #101 from a call center or an automated voice service. As social media is a more social environment, companies are able to show more of a personality which makes customers feel more comfortable in talking to and getting help from you. Photos of employees, for example, put a face to the name which makes the service more personal.

· Next-Level Interaction.

Social media also gives you the open platform to answer consumer concerns you weren’t aware of before. If you see mention of your brand from a customer that was dissatisfied with a product or service, you can reach out to them and even offer some form of reconciliation whether it be a gift card, refund, or a discount on future purchases which can warrant positive feedback.

· Increased Positive Feedback.

Customers are more inclined to send a word of thanks to a company they’re following on social media as opposed to a company they’d have to send in a testimonial or become a member of a consumer review site. A simple thumbs up, smiley face, or even giving you a star rating is a lot faster on social media than any other platform.

As you can see, utilizing social media as a customer service measure can be a great opportunity for your company and your customers. Your customers get what they want… instant satisfaction from service providers they can relate to. While you get the opportunity to keep your existing customers happy, promote your brand, and attract new customers. So if you’re looking for a way to outshine the competition and meet the needs of your target audience, you should really consider developing a social media page.


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