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5 Mobile Apps Every Startup Needs To Use


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There are literally millions of apps on the app store, but which ones should be on your startup’s list?

Well, not too many of them. It’s important that your startup has the best possible start in life, and that means being organized and decisive. The following five apps will help you be both those things, and we’ve thrown in a surprise along the way!

1. Shoeboxed.

It’s safe to assume your startup will be inundated with paper documents, with very little space to store them all. The struggle is real, my friends. Paper is annoying, especially in large quantities, but you can’t exactly get rid of all your receipts and business cards. So how do you keep the safe and keep them organized?

Answer: Shoeboxed. Available on iOS and Android, Shoeboxed allows you to ‘digitize’ these paper documents you see fit. Then, if you so desire, you can get rid of the paper counterpart and stick purely to the digital version. If you need it again, just print it off!

2. Your own!

While ‘your own’ isn’t really a catchy title, the principle still stands. Every startup should strive toward creating their own app, for a multitude of reasons. Most consumers have smartphones these days, and an app gives you a direct feed straight to their pockets.

You can send them notifications, deals, offers and promotions. It’s a marketing tool that will never leave a person’s hand, or general vicinity. Whether you go it alone or enlist the help of a mobile app developer, this one’s all but essential.

3. Asana.

Ever been working on a project, and been positively swamped with emails about that project? Wouldn’t it be great to have a hub where all those emails are collected?

Yes it would! And since your startup is the biggest project of all, it must be managed effectively. Asana is a project management tool that allows collaborators to work on a project together. These projects can be commented on and ideas can be thrown around all from one main hub. No longer will your inbox be full of email after email after email…

4. Google Drive.

Those projects that you’re working on will probably contain a lot of files to be shared. This won’t be possible over email – it takes too long to send attachments and there are strict memory limits.

But Google Drive, on the other hand, negates both these problems. Once your large files are uploaded, they’re there forever, and anyone can access them. You get plenty of free storage too, so running out of space won’t be a worry. Now, everyone on your team can access, view and download the files they need. Win!

5. Zoho.

Does your startup make some money? Uh… hopefully! Can your startup afford an accountant? Eh… possibly not.

Well good news! There’s an app for that – namely, Zoho. Zoho, available on iOS and Android, is a financial organization app. Your can track income, expenses, and even create invoices. Zoho is simple to use and is geared toward everyday business professionals. As such, the interface is basic and even the least tech-savvy folk should have no trouble here.