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Three Awesome Reasons To Invest In Your Employees


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Whether your business is young, old, large or small, your employees are at its core. Whether you employ one or two staff members to help you with the day to day tasks of running your company or have teams and teams of people under your employ, investing in your employees’ future can be crucial to the success of your business. Many business owners forget about offering their employees training and development opportunities past the initial few weeks when they need to learn how to best do their job. But, is this method harming your company?

Read on to discover more about why it’s in everybody’s best interest for employers to help their employees achieve their career goals:

1. Employee Satisfaction.

The main reason why more and more employers are becoming more invested in their employees and choosing to offer them a range of career advancement, development and training opportunities is that it has a direct effect on employee satisfaction levels. There have been a wide range of studies which have directly linked employee satisfaction to business success and profitability – satisfied employees tend to be happy, motivated employees who want the business to succeed. Because of this, offering your employees the opportunity to better themselves, for example through taking a six Sigma Green Belt certification course for business, can help ensure that they’re more satisfied with their work.

2. Employee Retention and Loyalty.

Shocking figures from recent studies show that over half of employees are willing to leave a job if they feel that they are not getting adequate training or opportunity to develop and grow. Because of this, businesses that fail to provide their employees with this can often experience a high staff turnover rate, with employees leaving after just a short period of employment. This can be hugely costly for a business – even if an employee gives notice, it can be difficult for a business to find, hire and train somebody to their level in just a few weeks’ time. By increasing training and development opportunities, you’ll ensure that employees want to stick around for as long as possible.

3. Better Results and Productivity.

Last but certainly not least, investing in your employees and their futures can often result in better results, productivity and even profits for your business. When employees are receiving an adequate level of training and have opportunities for growth and development to work towards in their career, they’re a lot more likely to be more productive at work – after all, an employee who’s working hard to be considered for a promotion is naturally going to work a lot harder than an employee who’s given up any hope of progression. Not only that, but investing in training for your employees will give them access to a wealth of knowledge and skills which will make sure that they’re best equipped to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Why invest in your employees? The answer is simple, really – investing in your employees’ futures has an awesome ROI!


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