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The Budget-Friendly Guide To Setting Up Your Home Office



Would you like to fulfil your dream of working from home? Create the perfect workspace by setting up your own dream office. The ideal workspace will help improve your productivity by minimising distractions and keeping your working zone organised so you can complete your tasks effortlessly. Setting up your home office doesn’t need to cost the Earth.

And although there are overhead costs that are incurred with running a business where business owners will need to fork out the initial investment, you can relieve some of the financial pressure with these budget-friendly tips from Cartridges Direct:

Start saving by leveraging rewards from your credit card.

One of the simple things businesses can do is to invest in a credit card that offers rewards. Find out what reward options are available to your business. Some of the rewards may entitle you to discounts in accommodation, travel or purchases; all of which can go towards your business expenses.

Reducing printing costs with refillable ink cartridges.

Printing costs are one of the highest costs in a business. While the initial purchase of the printer can be quite cost effective, the ongoing costs with ink cartridges and prints going to waste can ramp up your printing expenses. One option is to purchase ink refill cartridges that are often cheaper and provide similar prints. Although these are a great option, it is important to go with a company that is reputable for delivering good ink refill cartridge solutions. Otherwise, a poor quality ink cartridge can potentially damage your printer and force you to replace your printer, adding to your overall expenses.

Improve your working environment with natural light.

Lighting costs also contribute to expensive electricity bills. To reduce your bills, think green and seek to use as much natural light as possible. This means placing your workstation close to windows that offer natural light. Additionally, the room could be customized with more skylights to brighten up the working area. Should there be an additional need to use internal lighting, seek to use green friendly lamps or lighting solutions. And have good habits by turning off internal lighting when it isn’t necessary to use.

Set up an ergonomically-friendly workspace.

It is important that you invest in a chair and workstation table that is ergonometric. Invest in an ergonometric chair that will help your posture and body’s health over the long run. Should you not do this and incur an injury from your workstation, the recovery costs will outweigh the initial cost of the investment in a quality workstation.

Laptops versus desktops.

Desktops are nice but tend to use more energy than laptops. With the power that is packed into advanced laptops such as Apple Macs, and the accessibility to web storage devices and servers, you can obtain the same power through running your laptop without adding to your home’s overall electricity costs. You can find out more information from web service providers that operate virtual private servers, that operate as desktops and which you can access through a web connection.

Hard copy vs. digital copy filing.

Record keeping and storage is something that all businesses require. Nowadays, there is the option to print as required and to store digital devices. By opting for digital copies, you will save ongoing printing costs. Alternatively, you can choose to maintain hard copies by printing and photocopying. Should you consider continuing with hard copies, do as much as possible to reduce unnecessary prints for your records management. Additionally, businesses can leverage storage space for hard copies and seek storage solutions from records management and self-storage companies. Storing information onto storage drives both on and off site via storage clouds can benefit the business as well.


Should you decide to have staff working for your home business, it will be more cost efficient to hire freelancers and contractors. Businesses may incur an increase in their hourly fee, however you will significantly reduce the overheads that’s incurred from directly hiring and managing staff. The office setup costs such as investing in computers, software, phones and human resource operational costs. Businesses can more easily outsource their work to agencies or have staff working on their internal system through a VPN network.

Leverage tax breaks.

Businesses will need to speak with their accountant for the specific details, but they should be entitled to receive tax breaks for items purchased and the amount of space that is used within your home for your business. The costs can save you hundreds or even thousands each year.

These are just a few of the tips that can be leveraged for businesses that are seeking to set up a budget friendly home office. It is about setting up a smart, efficient office that will increase productivity.


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