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Internet Services That Are Taking The Internet By Fiber


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Technology has improved our living conditions in many ways. In fact, it has reduced the distance between two points on the earth and even extended our possibilities to Space. This is an era when people are thinking of getting settled on the Moon or Mars to stay above everything and everyone! It has also been crucial in providing us some life-saving methods such as organ transplants and cancer treatments. Computers and the Internet are technologies that have helped us simplify our work and also have contributed greatly towards the other developments too. So anything that enhances the experience of the Internet has to be considered equally important. Passing through the different difficult phases of the Internet, where the connection was through the telephone cable and then through the television cable. Though the television cable is still being used popularly as a cheap medium to provide high-speed internet connection, with fiber optic cables, the scenario has totally changed. Fiber optics has become a better option which is quite feasible too to provide reliable internet connections to commercial and residential users.

Though it was initially popular only among the large organizations and multinational IT companies, start-ups like Bigpipe Internet have made fiber optics more popular among the residential users.

What is fiber optics? How do they better the internet connection?

The idea behind fiber optics was conceived way back in the 1870s or even before that. But the first fiber optics cable was first developed in 1965 by Manfred Borner. Though it was not as developed as it is today, the concept was well received back in the 1960s. Extremely thin strands of plastic or glass wires are packed together in a wire that transmits information faster. One strand of fiber optics wire can contain up to a hundred strands of thin fibers that make them perfectly suited to carry information millions of times more than a normal cable. What it does is that it converts the electric signals to light signals and carries it to longer distances. Since light travels faster, the internet connection based on fiber optics tends to be much faster than the conventional cables. The cable is packed such that none of the data is lost during transmission which ensures a more reliable connection!

These 2 essential features of fiber optics prompted the industrial Internet Service Providers to try out the cables for a better Internet connection and they succeeded. In fact, the response was immense though the expense was also as huge till a few years back. With the advancing technology, researchers were able to create affordable versions of fiber optics which prompted a few start-ups to try them out to solve the existing issues of Internet speed and consistency. High competition and high demand for better speed were the major driving force for these Millennials to adopt better technology to provide a feasible solution.

Over the years, the consumers have also changed. Earlier, only a portion of the society was able to afford and willing to adopt better technologies for a higher cost. Now a better percentage of people can afford the internet services which have become an essential way to communicate, learn and to be entertained. People are no longer dependent on the Television for entertainment, instead, they are looking at online channels that have taken the internet by storm, it is a highly competitive world and the people have no time to wait for their favorite program aired in a particular time on Television. The competition has become so fierce that most of the TV channels are making sure that their programs are available also on the internet in an attempt to retain the viewership.

Another major reason for this inevitable change is the use of internet in the households. Apparently, more and more residential users are now using the internet for playing online games, watching movies, social networking, e-learning, and for communication. All of these require a much faster and reliable connection which the television cables were not able to provide. Moreover, online shopping has caught up among the homemakers such that some don’t even step out of the home for shopping. With the horrible traffic and long lines of the queue at the stores that come along with the conventional shopping, they prefer to stay indoors and get everything delivered home. They now don’t even have to get in and get out of multiple shops to complete their shopping list, instead, they just visit the various online stores which, in fact, give them better discounts and get them delivered at home.

Internet of Things or IoT is another major development that has taken the households by storm. With multiple devices having to share an internet connection, they want a faster and more consistent connection that the fiber optics is able to provide. Ultimately, its demand that drives most of the innovations and here too it has been the main reason for the inevitable change.


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