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Comparing Apples With Apples


by Cian McLoughlin, author of “Rebirth of the Salesman


After the home page statistically ‘the about us’ section of your website receives by far the most traffic. Why is this the case? Because, despite what you may think to the contrary, people don’t care all that much about your product or service. There I’ve said it!

All those features and functions, bells and whistles that you have lovingly created and perfected, those gorgeous PowerPoint slides, glossy brochures and slick sales presentations. People just don’t care that much.

They care about you, your team, what makes you tick. Subconsciously your customers are actually wondering “What will these people be like to work with?”…..“Are they passionate about what they do?”

Too often in business we focus on what we want our customers to do:

  • I want them to click here on my website
  • I’d like them to watch this video
  • I hope they sign up to my newsletter or download my brochure

Instead we should focus more of our energies on what they are thinking and feeling:

  • Are you telling me the truth or just trying to sell me something?
  • How will you surprise or delight me?
  • What is it about your product or service that’s different, unique, compelling? Why do you deserve my time, attention and wallet share?
  • Why should I care?

Make no mistake, when a customer decides to buy your product or service, they are often buying you, your team, your culture, the vision you share and the story you’re telling through your business.

So ask yourself, what are you really putting out there, how are you telling your story and sharing your vision? In today’s information overloaded market place, creating cut through requires honesty, authenticity and a singularity of purpose.

Without it, customers are just comparing apples with apples.


cian mcloughlin

Author of the recently released book “Rebirth of the Salesman” and recently selected in the list of the Top 50 Sales Blogs in the world for the second year running by TSW magazine, Cian McLoughlin is a passionate proponent of an ethical, honest and authentic approach to sales. His company Trinity Perspectives is committed to helping sales organisation unlock the latent potential of their customer’s insights.

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