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Every Woman Needs To Feel Empowered


By Cheryl Wood, CEO of Personal Power Enterprises and author of “The Glamourless Side of Entrepreneurship

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Celebrating the success and fearlessness of women is essential for women’s empowerment. An empowered woman seeks out her passions and purpose, serves her community as a leader and role model and her self-care is a main priority. Along with this, empowering language and a positive mindset can help you to overcome any feelings of doubt. During my transition from a legal secretary position of 15 years to becoming a successful stadium speaker in just six years, I overcame many challenges and frustrations. Sometimes you must step back and remember that these are not setbacks but instead lessons to only further your ambitions.

Empowerment means never seeking validation or permission from others. You are enough, without having to live up to the standards of others. A woman must never depend on other’s approval in order to better herself. You must accept your quirks and see them as a way to further empower yourself. Hesitation and self-doubt only deter you from creating the reality that you desire.

Do not delay time away from your goals and constantly push yourself to the next step of success. Although, overbearing yourself with stress can lead to negative a mindset causing your passions and purpose to deteriorate. Your strengths must overpower any negative energy that reaches you, allowing you to execute your desired goals.

Focus on your assets, spending time on what you’re lacking will take time away from your goals. Empower not only others in this process, but yourself by improving your self-talk. Shift your dialogue yielding a positive mindset. This positivity allows you to do anything you put your mind to. It is also important to acknowledge and accept that failure will happen, but don’t dwell on it, move on. Failure helps teach you several lessons that shape who you are. You must take risks and embrace the possible outcomes of taking risks, good or bad. Mistakes will only lead you to continued success.

Success doesn’t come from the outside in, but from what you put out into the world. Your work ethic shows in everything you achieve. An empowered woman is a women who walks with her head held high and doesn’t apologize for anything. She makes time to discover her passion and purpose while intentionally impacting the world with her unique gifts. An empowered women never lets others determine where she will end up, instead she builds herself up to reach her original goal.

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to fear the world, instead you must take its challenges head on. It’s time to implement proactive steps that will help you achieve time freedom, financial freedom and creative freedom. You are the only person that can determine what your passions and purpose are. Do everything in your power to hold yourself accountable for your greatness. No one can take away the effort that you put into achieving your full potential.


cheryl wood

CEO of Personal Power Enterprises Cheryl Wood is a compelling thought leader and international keynote speaker who has a commitment to support the personal development and economic empowerment of women globally. Wood is an award-winning entrepreneur, author of books including “The Glamourless Side of Entrepreneurship” and “The Power to Sizzle“, and a business coach who has impacted the lives of thousands of women through her life-changing principles of fearless living.


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