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The Growing Business Of Fashion In The UK


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The business of fashion in the UK is continually growing and there’s no doubt that wedding dress shops in London are helping to make up a large chunk of its endearing popularity with bride’s travelling from around the UK and Europe to find the latest designs.

According to the British Fashion Council, the country’s fashion industry is worth more than £26 billion which is double the size of the country’s car manufacturing industry.

But it’s not just in handbags and dresses for which the UK’s fashion industry is renowned for, it’s also a creative industry with a large manufacturing element to it as well.

UK’s fashion industry is an international force.

It helps too that when London Fashion Week is staged, around two thirds of those buying from designers are from overseas which help to make the UK’s fashion industry is an international force to be reckoned with.

The fashion industry is also keen to keep abreast of new ways of reaching out to its potential customers and utilises social media extremely well with firms like Burberry live streaming its famous catwalk shows so people can see their latest creations no matter where they are living.

Growth in the sale.

This global reach is underlined by its social media presence, which is huge, and helps to grow what is a lucrative industry and the growth in the sale of wedding dresses is helping hugely.

However, with so much money being spent on designer wear, this is a fiercely fought business and its hard for upcoming designers to make their brand known and it’s also easy for well-known designers to fall out of favour.

Sadly, around 95% of fashion start-ups will fail in their first five years of operation which is much higher than the ratio of non-fashion industry firms.

Despite the glamour and the catwalks for displaying their incredible creations, entrepreneurs in the fashion industry have to face the same challenges as any other business in that they need to stand out from the crowd and attract customers who will buy what they design and make.

Designers also have to impress fashion and wedding magazines.

On top of this, the designers also have to impress fashion and wedding magazines in a bid to reach out to customers around the world and this publicity can be invaluable in generating sales.

It’s from these shows and from small start-up units that the wedding dress shops get hold of the latest bridal fashions to help impress brides-to-be.

Indeed, for anybody looking for wedding dresses will find that some of the most eye-catching and unusual designs are from the lesser-known designers who are helping to grow the business of fashion in the UK.


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