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5 Ways To Unleash Your Creativity Through Humor


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By Will Becker, Copywriter & Social Content Strategist, Trepoint

Comedy brings perspective. It brings the refreshing release of laughter and joy. It brings a critical eye and a necessary commentary on the world around us. Whether you yourself are a funny person or not, we turn to humor to help us better understand this big old mess we’re all a part of.

At the core of any joke, riff or moment of comedic improvisation rests a crucial element of critical thinking. In this way, humor does not simply provide much needed levity to our lives, but also beautifully demonstrates our brain’s ability to process information, analyze a situation and synthesize those inputs into a particular point of view.

There is room for this type of strategic thought in every aspect of content marketing and advertising. And through comedy’s many forms, we can infuse a variety of influences into the creative approach we take when solving problems, writing content and promoting new ideas.

Utilizing these five simple practices, you can help to unlock and unleash your creative skill sets through humor:

Watch Stand Up – New & Old.

Every comic provides both an introspective voice and a unique perspective of the culture in which they live. It’s this singular creative interpretation of our collective society that showcases our ability to make sense of situations through story. Honing in on this process can be especially handy for content writers looking to create clever and concise material that breaks through the highly-strained attention spans of today’s audiences .

Find a Funny Podcast.

The podcast boom is most certainly upon us, and the medium is keenly used by many great voices within the comedy world. I personally love the behind-the-scenes insights and personal anecdotes of podcasts such as You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, but there is a vast sea of shows out there to discover. The Onion’s A.V. Club and comedy blog Splitsider both offer weekly roundups of their favorite episodes for those looking to find something new. Bringing a wider depth of knowledge to the brainstorming phase of any project is a massive benefit, and by listening to differing viewpoints, attitudes and opinions we can alter our creative approach for the better.

Schedule Time With Friends.

Usually the people you choose to be friends with aren’t a bunch of wet blankets. So get together, grab a drink and enjoy the fun and conversation that unfolds. Even if you’re not riding in cool cars getting coffee with Jerry Seinfeld, chances are some laughs will be shared that you can draw on as future reference.

Read – Short-form, Long-form, Fiction & Non-Fiction.

Reading comes with a myriad of benefits, but simply put it is an endless source of stimulation and inspiration. Whether it’s a collection of essays from David Sedaris, a biography by Steve Martin, or a blog stocked with a constant stream of fresh wit, these stories can serve as the source materials to your next great idea.

Observe & Report.

This last one is dead simple: take notes. They can be scribbles and sketches inside a pocket sized notebook or memos to yourself saved on a phone. By marking these moments in your memory, you make yourself more aware, and help to sharpen your aptitude for expounding upon the peculiarities of your daily life.


will becker

With a background in media planning, Will Becker brings a balance of right and left brain skills to his work as a Copywriter & Social Content Strategist at Trepoint. On every project, he pushes to find the unique foundation upon which captivating ideas can find their creative inspiration. He believes strongly that work derived from real insight delivers deeper impact for clients and more meaningful emotional connections for the end consumer.


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