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The Best Cities In America For Startups


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So you want to start a business. While there are some cities in America which are well-known for startups or those fresh into the work force, some of them won’t be the best for everyone. These cities (which will go unnamed here, but are in California and Texas) may be famous for startups, but they are highly competitive and increasingly saturated with businesses just like the ones you want to start. If you don’t wish to start a business that has to fight for its life from the very start, you might want to consider a city which doesn’t have a 20 year reputation for startups.

By starting on the ground floor in a city that’s just seeing this sector emerge, you’ll have a bigger piece of the pie as time goes on, with a lot less opposition as you go. Here are a few suggestions:


That’s right. Baltimore. This city doesn’t have the best reputation among people who don’t know much about it. Crime and unrest have become synonymous with this old American city. But for people who have never been there, there are many amazing features which are attractive to startups. For one, neighborhoods like Remington are drawing businesses from all over the country, with innovating startup spaces designed for beginners and established entities alike. Downtown, there are loads of executive suites and established business districts. Finally, as the city recovers from 40 consecutive years of decline, the living is cheap. Real estate is affordable, and Washington D.C., New York, and Philadelphia are nearby. Think about it. Lots of entrepreneurs have recently moved to Baltimore.


For many of the reasons that Baltimore is suggested, Detroit offers a lot to entrepreneurs and startups. With lots of tax credits in Detroit, intended to help attract new citizens and businesses, there are a lot of ways to make a new business more affordable to start here. What’s more, starting a business in Detroit offers a lot of marketing possibilities, as the recovery of the city is emblematic of the recovery of many aspects of America itself. All the affordability and savings opportunities of Baltimore apply to Detroit as well. To move to Detroit today, as a business person, is to become part of a growing and vibrant community of business minds. See for yourself.


Like the above options, Buffalo is recovering. Featuring all of the affordable real estate and business-friendly culture, the city is making it easier to set up shop in Buffalo as a way of drawing in the best and the brightest, if not the most well-financed. Young business owners in Buffalo are finding it easy to live comfortable lives when they’re not at the office, affording impressive houses for well less than the national average.

These three American cities may not be as glamorous as cities that are thriving and established, but they are on their way to heights unseen in recent decades. By involving yourself today in their business culture, you’ll be setting yourself up for lots of success and your business grows.