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Tips For Making Sure You Use Your Storage Unit Properly


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There are many different reasons why you may need a type of storage unit. Perhaps you are moving home, for instance, in which case you need portable storage containers to not just move your belongings, but to bridge the gap between moving out and moving in as well.

It is also possible that you simply don’t have enough space in your own home or office to store all your belongings. Having an offsite storage option means that you can declutter your other properties:

Choosing Your Site.

It is very important that you choose the location of your storage facility properly. You may think that price is the most important thing, since we all live on a budget, but that isn’t entirely right. You have to make sure that you can easily access your belongings when you need them. After all, if you have to spend time and fuel to get to a cheaper location, it actually works out more expensive.

There are other things to consider as well. For instance, opening hours are important. You need to be able to access your belongings at times that are convenient to you and not all facilities are open around the clock. Environmental controls may also matter, particularly if you want to store belongings that are susceptible to environmental damage. Security measures definitely also have to be reviewed. You have to make sure only you can access your unit, but the rest of the facility also has to be properly protected. Finally, look into the rental agreement so you know how long you have to rent the unit.

How to Pack.

It is important to properly prepare your items for storage. Try to put everything in boxes in a neat and tidy manner. This will enable you to stack things properly as well. Fill the boxes in full so they don’t get crushed – you can use packaging materials for tis when needed. At the same time, don’t overfill them, as this could break the box. Make sure that you spread things around evenly so that they aren’t too heavy and label every box with the contents. Do not put things in plastic bags, as plastic attracts moisture, leading to damage. If you want to store fabric items, make sure they have been washed so as not to attract pests. If you can disassemble any pieces, makes sure you do so to save space.

Tips to Organize.

A few final tips to get the most out of your unit starts by making sure the largest items are right the way at the back. Cover furniture with tarps or sheets. Boxes can be fitted around the furniture first. Do try to leave pathways, so that you can reach ever item in the unit. Pathways also ventilate, which means your belongings will be properly protected. Last but not least, think about health and safety. Do not stack things too high, as they may fall and injure you.