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Make Glassdoor Work for Your Company


by Kevin Umeda, Manager of Sales Planning and Coordination, Balboa Capital

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With employment numbers picking up, job seekers can afford to be a little pickier when it comes to looking for their dream careers. Consequently, employers must pay more attention to the information available to potential employees about their companies. If employers are not asking themselves, “What is the first thing that job seekers see when they look up my company on the Internet?” they are doing it wrong. If your business has a presence online, those on the job hunt will likely see reviews from current and/or former employees on job boards and recruiting websites. If your company does not have favorable reviews, top talent might be sending their cover letters and resumes elsewhere.

Glassdoor is one of the fastest growing, job-related websites in the country, providing job seekers with employee reviews, company details and ratings. This is a fantastic resource for companies and job-seekers alike. However, it can be difficult for businesses to navigate exactly where to start. Here are a few things they can do to take full advantage of what Glassdoor has to offer.

No Information is Worse than Bad Information.

No information can be just as much of a deterrent to potential employees as negative reviews and ratings. In a day and age when information is available at their fingertips in a matter of seconds, job seekers are looking to find information quickly and they become frustrated with companies who do not have details easily accessible. Once your Glassdoor page is live, you will need to stay on top of it by posting company news, awards and pictures. You also have the ability to respond to reviews, and flag reviews that might not be authentic or that don’t meet Glassdoor’s guidelines.

Seek Out Positive Reviews.

Positive reviews and ratings can help influence candidates’ decisions when they are seeking employment. Don’t be afraid to talk with employees about their thoughts on the company. Approach employees with discussions of what they enjoy about working with the company and encourage them to post an anonymous review if they feel comfortable. Your company’s Glassdoor reviews will produce an average star rating that will appear in searches on the Internet. A higher star rating can result in a greater number of clicks to your Glassdoor page.

Consider Upgrading to Glassdoor for Employers.

As part of your marketing budget, consider incorporating an Enhanced Company Profile. This lets you promote job openings, integrate social media and access analytics reports allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your content and reviews.

Glassdoor now has more than 8 million company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and more. The site provides a wealth of information to job candidates who are researching companies and employment opportunities. Getting started with Glassdoor is easy, but it is important to stay on top of it. If you aren’t putting Glassdoor to work for your business, now is the time.


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Kevin Umeda is director of sales planning and coordination at Balboa Capital, a nationwide independent direct lender providing equipment leasing, small business loans, commercial financing, equipment vendor financing and franchise financing throughout the US. Balboa Capital operates in multiple locations with a staff of close to 275 financing professionals.