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6 Offline Marketing Techniques That Are Still Important


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No matter what those digital marketing types say, offline campaigns are still important when it comes to getting your business out there in the big wide world.

So what offline marketing techniques are still important? Which ones should you be applying to your strategies? Here are six good ones:


The marmite technique of the marketing world, networking is sometimes considered an extremely awkward situation, where people introduce themselves to strangers in an attempt to gain new business or suppliers. But it doesn’t have to be and it’s pretty important.

Sure, you have to be confident and able to talk the talk but those who underestimate the importance of the technique are missing out. Attending networking events puts you in front of everyone important in the industry, it shows you are present, interested and keen to learn from others – thereby painting your business in a good light! Plus, there’ll probably be free food.

Event speaking.

Following on from networking, attending and speaking at industry events is another great marketing technique that is of great importance. It strengthens your position as a thought leader in the industry and improves the self confidence of yourself and those working alongside you. Look around for events calling for speakers and put yourself forward with a strong presentation on a relevant subject.

Roll up banners.

At these events, it’s also important you take on another offline marketing technique in the form of a roll up banner accompanying your presentation or your stand. Consider the services of the likes of Helloprint rollup banner printing, which allow you to design your own banner using one of their 10,000 templates online.


Okay, so this one might be met with a few slammed doors in the face but canvassing is an age old marketing technique that can still work for certain industries. If you work in the skilled labour sector, sending employees round to canvas your services is the perfect way of getting in front of potential customers, you can either opt for flyers to post through letterboxes or go one step further and knock on doors with a sales pitch. Just pick your times wisely; 8pm on a weeknight will guarantee someone will be home but they won’t be impressed by a late visitor.

Donate products/services to local charities.

Around Easter and Christmas time plenty of local schools and charities will be putting on events featuring raffles and competitions, this is a great opportunity to donate gift vouchers or products to be handed out to the winner, who might become a life long customer after using your product or service.

Guerilla marketing.

This doesn’t sound as extreme as the name implies, it simply means being a bit sneaky when distributing your message. Leaving branded pens on counters, pinning business cards up on the pin board in the local Chinese takeaway and writing messages on the pavement in chalk are all good examples of guerrilla marketing.

So, while you schedule those posts on Twitter and create insightful content for your blog, consider these important offline marketing techniques as well and really open up your chances of being noticed.