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How To Prevent Your Startup Website From Being An Embarrassment


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So you either have a website right now or you’re thinking about putting one together. Perfect, except you need to make sure it fits the bill first. It needs to look good, work well, and most importantly, it needs to actually be live so the world can see it.

Don’t let this stop you from actually putting your site out there and telling the world about your startup though. The great thing about a website is that you can go back at any point in time and make changes, add things or completely redo it if you decide there’s something else you prefer.

If you have started building a startup website, here are some handy hints and tricks on creating that stunning website you are looking for, that should prevent it from being an embarrassment:

How Fast Does It Load?

Hosting is a huge factor that most people over look and your website really does need to be both safe, secure and more importantly actually accessible and online. You can use hosting like the VPS hosting with FDC or stick to the more simple shared hosting platforms instead.

Your main concern here should be that your website loads fast. So ask the companies about their speeds and what they recommend for your website and then at least you know your visitors and potential clients won’t get bored waiting for your site to load and click back.

How Does It Look?

This is where most people start, your site needs to look good right? So how do we achieve this? Simply follow these 3 simple rules.

Colors – You want to keep the colors on your website the same as in your branding; make it consistent throughout everything and you can’t go wrong. Likewise, stick to a white background for text; it makes it easier to read and people will stay on your website longer if they can actually read what you have to say.

Content – Don’t squish it all in together, keep it spread out and make use of having multiple different pages for different things. People like bite size information not huge chunks of text without any breaks.

Navigation – This quaintly leads on to our next point, navigation. This is something a lot of people overlook, but having your users be able to find the different pages, sections and important information on your website quickly and easily does make a huge difference. So keep it simple and you can’t go wrong here either.

Did They Find What They Were Looking For?

Websites shouldn’t just be complete pitch fests for your amazing services or products that are going to blow their mind. You need to talk to your readers, tell them what you do nicely and give them all of the information possible in an easy to digest format.

Likewise, if someone is coming to your website looking for dog grooming tips as an example and you just talk about the different products and not the methods you use then maybe you should go back and talk about both things.

All these little things really do add up and if you follow these little bits of advice you should have an amazing website in no time at all that you’ll be proud to showcase to the world.

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