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Branding Your Car, Van Or Other Vehicle



If you are running a small business, getting your brand recognized is one of the first steps to success. They say most people will remember a brand and have some ideas about it in their mind once they have seen it seven or more times. This may sound like a lot, but if you can get your branding into their field of vision regularly, or have them returning to something you have branded like your website often, it won’t take long for it to become firmly implanted in their memories.

More Brand Visibility.

One way a lot of companies try and ensure people are seeing their brand a lot of the time is by putting adverts in prominent places, and another is giving out branded merchandise people will keep on their desks or in their homes, like mugs, pens and mouse mats. Of course, these require a significant investment, and so you may be looking for things you can do that are less expensive but still allow you to get eyes on your logo, colors, and other brand elements. A good way to do this can be by branding your vehicle.

How Easy is It to Brand a Vehicle?

Branding a vehicle is fairly simple if you just want to stick a logo on it or even paint it a different color, add details like stripes, and then add a decal. There are lots of companies you can order vehicle decals from, and you will just need to send them a file with the graphic you want and your size specifications. If you want to try adding your own paint details you can look at using Plasti Dip colors to do it, or of course you can take your car, truck or motorcycle to a professional to have the exact paint job you want. For mopeds, scooters and motorbikes, remember also to brand things like helmets and panniers!

Of course, some companies go further than this and make modifications to their vehicles to make them really recognizable. If you want to go down this route you could be looking at more cost, and also at making sure the vehicle remains street legal. For most entrepreneurs, however, simply adding decals and perhaps painting the vehicle in brand colors is enough.

Using Your Branded Vehicle the Right Way.

For small businesses, chances are you are branding your own personal vehicle, so you’ll be using that car, motorcycle or truck when you are doing things that are not work related. This is in general a good thing, because it gets your brand out on the road even more, but when you are driving a branded vehicle you have to think of yourself as being basically ‘in uniform’. Drive courteously, park legally, and don’t be seen anywhere that could look bad for your brand!

Branding a vehicle is a very good way to advertise locally just as you drive around, and looks great when you visit clients.