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4 Reasons Why Getting Out Of The Office Can Drive More Sales


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Whether you are an online or offline business, getting out and about to see your customers is an excellent way to drive sales. With the right strategy and ideas behind you, it can open up new markets and get you face to face with the people that are more likely to buy from you.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the reasons why you should leave the office every once in awhile, and drive more sales for your business.

People are more likely to remember you.

Without checking your search history, what are the last five websites you visited today, not including this one? The chances are you will find it difficult to remember. The web is a hotchpotch of information overload, and it is rare that you will have an unusually spectacular experience. Now think about the last five physical places where you spent money. It’s a lot easier, right? That’s just because when those transactions take place, all of our senses are there to help us remember.

You get to demonstrate your value.

Let’s say that you sell clothes online. You have a nice range of dresses that you know should fly off the shelves, because they are made of the finest, softest material you have ever felt. The trouble is, how can you get that across to your customers? A great copywriter can help, of course. But if you can let your customers touch, feel, and see the dress with their own eyes – and even try it on – then your chances of a sale will increase.

Samples work.

How does your audience know how good your product is if they never get to use it? And why should they take a gamble on yours without knowing what it does? Field marketing takes your product to the people and lets them know exactly what they are missing out on. Around three-quarters of all consumers only become aware of a new product through a sample. That’s pretty significant numbers for anyone looking to break into a market. And, of course, getting out there and giving away your samples is a lot more cost-effective than posting them in a random manner.

On the spot customer research.

People who you see out in the field will want to talk to you, or they won’t. There is no guesswork involved, and you will get to learn who your ideal customer is. You can ask them what they feel about your product, and get heaps of info you can use later on down the line. As a starting point, getting out and about can be a great first step to creating a more effective overall marketing campaign. And that could be the difference between your business’s success, and its failure.

What are your thoughts on taking to the field to increase sales? Have you ever done it, or do you feel more comfortable about doing your business from behind a desk? We would be very interested to hear from you, so feel free to get involved by leaving a comment below.