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The Ford Transit: The Ability To Store And Organize


Ford Transit

Though a quick ad, like the one in the video (below), can barely touch on it, the Ford Transit has immense storage and organization power which today’s diverse small businesses can take advantage of. If you want to Work Smart with Ford Transit, like the amusement company owner in this campaign, take a look at how he maximizes his space in the Transit.

Not only does the robust Transit engine (one of three possible engines you can choose from) have significant towing power, the inside is spacious and equipped with any of a wide selection of upfitting options. For businesses with lots of small storage needs, the shelving and drawer system pictured in the video is just one of many solutions that the Transit is strong and stable enough to allow. This isn’t about simply lugging big cargo from one place to another. It’s about meeting today’s small businessperson with unique solutions scaled to fit his or her needs.

This isn’t the only way that the Transit pulls off this feat. It’s got three possible roof heights and two wheels bases to choose from. Additionally, you can choose between a cargo and passenger van. With so many options to choose from, the Ford Transit is a vehicle designed to the specifications of real modern small businesses.

So take some time and look through the specifics that the new Ford Transit offers. Ford understands that today’s small business climate has changed. Small businesses are expected to be mobile, to portray a specific brand voice, and to be as versatile as a varied customer base expects. The Ford Transit is the expressed vision of people who understand how hard it is for a small business to pull this all off, and they’ve done so in style. So check out the Ford Transit. You’ll find it’s equipped and affordable, perfect for the way you do business.