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Manage Twitter Ads On The Go


twitter mobile ad companion

From announcing the latest products and services to sharing important developments in a specific industry space, Twitter has become in the past decade an indispensable part of a small business’ social media marketing arsenal. And while advertising with Twitter is a relatively recent thing, some companies have used Twitter Ads to supplement and complement their marketing activities.

And it’s just gotten better for those in charge of running Twitter campaigns for their businesses – Twitter has now made it easy for advertisers to manage campaigns from anywhere with the Twitter Ads mobile companion, so you don’t have to be stuck to the desktop to ensure your Twitter ad campaigns are running smoothly. The mobile tool – available on both iOS and Android – allows users to do various actions such as monitoring current or reviewing past campaign performance, optimising budgets and post schedules, as well as responding to notifications.

Anyone with a Twitter Ads account can access the Twitter Ads companion tool directly on their Twitter app. Only caveat is that you can’t initiate new campaigns through the tool – you’ll have to do so from the desktop before you can manage them from the mobile tool. And if you’re not an iOS or Android user, you’re currently out of luck.