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Push Back At Rejection: 4 Ways To Help You Overcome Setbacks


By Hunter Hoffmann, Head of US Communications at Hiscox Small Business Insurance

Successful businesswomanWhether it’s asking someone on a date, applying to business school or trying to get new clients, rejection can be tough. There’s no way to avoid it completely, but there are ways to help you get past setbacks quickly and keep moving forward. The key is to be prepared for challenges, embrace risk and have the courage to keep moving forward.

Courage is the element that gets you beyond any roadblocks to your success and focused on the future. Here are four tips to help current and aspiring small business owners protect against rejection before it happens and turn risk into the courage to achieve their dreams:

1. Map your dreams.

Create a document to guide you where you want to go, listing the steps you think will take to get there. The plan must be specific, measurable and attainable. These targets will help you both track your progress and provide a guiding light to keep you moving forward when things go off course.

2. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Stress test your plan by creating a series of “What if” scenarios. Be ready for twists and turns in the road, because they’ll happen. Plan ahead so that you always have a Plan B – Z. Bethany Lyons, co-founder of Lyons Den Yoga, in Hiscox’s new docuseries, Courageous Leaders, advises others to always be in action mode instead of reaction mode. Instead of reacting to problems, be in action mode so that you can proactively avoid them and overcome whatever comes your way.

3. Have a little swagger.

If you don’t believe you’re on the road to success, it’s hard to get others to come along for the ride. You don’t gain much by focusing on what might go wrong with your business. Deal with issues as they arise, but concentrate on executing your plan and achieving your goals. Always be confident in your business, especially when meeting with new clients or customers, and others will believe in you, too.

4. Encourage courage and have confidence in your team.

Have faith in your team. Delegate some responsibilities and your employees can help you drive your company forward and share the burden when tough times arise. If everyone feels involved and appreciated, they will work harder for the benefit of the business and you can bounce back quicker from any setbacks. It’s hard to do it alone, and you don’t need to.

Rejection will always be a part of running a small business. Setting up a plan that gets you and your team ready to deal with setbacks when they happen can help you overcome setbacks stay on the right path forward.



Hunter Hoffmann is Head of US Communications at Hiscox Small Business Insurance and is responsible for media relations, social media, internal communications and executive messaging. Hunter lives in New York City with his wife and two sons – Walker and Otis. In his spare time, he moonlights as Chief Marketing Officer and deliveryman for Junior’s Fresh, a fresh baby and toddler food delivery service and cafe in New York City founded by his wife, Michelle.

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