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A Watch To Watch Out: New OTP-Generation Token From Protectimus



Did you get to think how our lives have changed drastically in the last two decades? How many things that mattered or embodied our vision of progress and future technologies have just vanished? How many gadgets were there to dream about, to present our loved ones, to save money for, and then to become outdated waste with only purpose to be relegated and sent to drawers in the end? Probably, we are brought up as a consumers’ society, wanting more and more gadgets and technologies introduced.

But what frightens even more is how we exclude so much of a personal touch from our lives. Our whole life is online. We keep all important personal and business information online with no suspicion it could be leaked, cracked or violated by phishers. Unfortunately, it obviously can.

Our lifestyle has changed, so instead of using a lock box to protect the data, admins, entrepreneurs, project managers and single users all over the world apply double security to keep on the safe side. We are used to ensure the safety of crucial information by performing single authentication with the help of a regular login and a static password. However, today it is not enough. Here, double security means using two-step authentication and getting authorized with the help of a one-time password (OTP). Thus, the possibility of having your data violated is minimal.

Today, there are a lot of services that provide you with a complex two-factor authentication solutions. You may use easily-installed cloud-based solutions or get more control over the process with the platform-based ones. Besides, there are various means for getting your OTP, f.eg. with an sms, e-mail, through an app or on a specially designed token.

The tokens can come in a different form. You can use a fob-like device or one looking like a calculator. There are also card tokens to show your OTP. And lately the two-factor authentication service has introduced an innovative tool that comes in a form of an application for your Android Smartwatch. Actually, the only service to support such a token is Protectimus.

This watch device is extremely convenient. Imagine something you always carry and that it gives you access to your most protected information. This is a device you would not forget or lose somewhere among your everyday stuff. And for those of you, who are familiar with the technical side, the tool is using the time-based one-time password (TOTP) algorithm, which is considered to be one of the most reliable ones.

The time has changed. And it is high time to go along with it by using tools created to leave your important information confidential and owned by you. There is not that much personal left in the world, so let’s keep what remains personal indeed.