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How To Influence Potential Customers


by Cameron Johnson

Business MeetingPersuading people to believe in your mission can be a challenging task, especially when you have no idea on where to begin. Being a wonderful manager to a team of employees is far different from running a business. Businesses require a lot of input, and being able to increase sales should be the first priority.

In order for one to ensure that their business is not only attaining productivity but that it’s also profitable, it is vital to learn how to motivate and influence potential customers. The following are ways in which you can influence people to buy in on your business idea:

Define your target market.

The first step in influencing people in business deals is to clearly define your target market. A lot of people fail to get the right customers because they market their products to everyone. Clearly defining and establishing the target market will help you market your services to the right people, thus steadily increasing sales.

Always aim to sell top quality products or services.

The other way one can influence people in business deals is by pitching high quality products and services to them. Convincing people that products are of good quality can be strenuous, and persuading someone to buy a product they deem to be of poor quality will only lead to disappointments. Providing products/services that can easily sell themselves will make the marketing process less tedious and get you customers in the shortest time possible.

Set the prices right.

Are you constantly struggling to influence people in your business deals? The secret could be the pricing strategy. Selling products at a higher price could drive away potential clients from your business deals. In some cases, setting the prices at a lower rate could also negatively influence a customer’s buying decision. 

This is because some people consider some cheap products to be of poor quality. The market is made up of both the frugal and the extravagant. The frugal tend to buy products that will save them money while the extravagant buy products that will showcase their lifestyle. In order to make profits, it is vital to set prices depending on your target market.

Ensure that you are running a legitimate business.

The other key to influencing people to do business is to ensure that your business is licensed. Once people find out that the business is legitimate and honest, they will be quick to want in on the deal. Register your business, and always make sure that the license is up to date. In some cases you may want to influence someone in another department to do business with you. This is where influence training comes in. No matter who you’re trying to influence, the first step always involves building credibility. A credible reputation is necessary in order to convince potential customers that your business is able to make profit.

Create a website that will showcase your products.

The digital evolution has revolutionized how business is done in modern times. This is because more people are now doing business online and turning to social media. Creating a website that will showcase your products to the world is a great way to influence people to your business deals. Providing useful information to people will bring in positive reviews and feedback. This evokes a sense of dependability and reliability.

Offer freebies and samples.

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Giving away a freebie or a sample of a product is one of the ways to quickly influence people to buy products on offer. This is also a marketing strategy that works well for a less established business. When people love the sample then they will easily spread the word and get people to buy your products. There is no better way to increase sales than word of mouth. 

There are multiple ways to influence and convince people to take part in business deals. Constantly understanding the market and using favorable pricing strategies will attract the right people, thus increasing sales.


Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson is a business consultant and social media expert. Over the course of his career he has conducted case studies on both social media optimization and non-profit marketing. Cameron has also had the opportunity to speak at international marketing conferences and was recently recognized as one of the world’s top 100 advertising experts to follow on social media.