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Life Lessons From Your MBA


As with any investment in education and further career development, it’s important to know that time spent learning will be rewarding down the line. An MBA qualification often comes under scrutiny for its high-cost versus job potential, and we’ve highlighted reasons in which the MBA qualification is still so relevant to today’s job market and life experience.

Gaining perspective.

On occasion, if we’re in the same job role for too long, we can become disinterested. Therefore, choosing to pursue an MBA is a challenge that expands our knowledge, whether taking on a part-time or full-time course. To partake in an MBA, you need to be in the right frame of mind: if you feel like you “should” do an MBA as opposed to wanting to do an MBA, this may not be the right time. The best advice would be to research thoroughly how the MBA can benefit and challenge both you as a person and your career path. An MBA course will provide you with a new perspective on business, and how you can work it into your current career or a new role.

Specialised subjects.

Along with gaining perspective on how you’d like your career to grow, expanding your learning also allows you to discover new subjects and disciplines that you enjoy and excel in. As part of embarking on this course of education, you’ll be able to discover refreshing new elements and select subjects that reflect your skills; many of which you may not have discovered without completing an MBA with a school such as MBS.

Making friends.

You cannot put a price on friendship, and any opportunity to make new friends will usually lead to great things. It could be that you find a new friend that you’re able to work exceptionally well with, who you then choose to do business with. Alternatively, you may find a mentor within your class and new friends to share experiences with throughout your life. The bonus of an MBA is that there will often be a wealth of cultural diversity in one classroom, which gives you the unique opportunity to learn more about business in a variety of countries, along with expanding what you know about current and new friends.

Travel opportunities.

MBA courses often offer the opportunity to travel within an exchange programme, taking part in internships at other universities and workplaces across the world. Granted, you’re there to learn, but it’s the perfect time to explore another country under the wing of other students and business partners who live and work there. Broadening your horizons helps with your career too, as many employers will see you have taken the time to step out of your comfort zone to learn more.


At every step of the way throughout your MBA course, you’ll be given the chance to mix with lecturers, fellow students, speakers and inspirational people who love what they do. It’s important to embrace this chance to network with others, learning from each of them and staying in contact along the way; you never know when you may need advice, and they could help with future employment opportunities.

So, don’t think of your MBA as academia that you must do, but rather, think of it as a stepping stone to a part of your life that is developing and growing.


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