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Creative Marketing Ideas For Easter


easter eggs

When it comes to marketing, using what’s currently on trend can really help boost your campaigns and get people talking about your business, products, or services. If you’ve walked into your local department store lately, you’ll begin to see Easter decorations and foods set out to prepare for the upcoming springtime holiday. Follow suit and use this time of year to your advantage when it comes to your marketing strategy and get it on the action.

Send your customers an Easter greeting.

Whether it’s by email or a special postcard, let your customers know if you have any holiday specials or keep to the simple message of wishing them a happy Easter holiday. The idea is to keep people consistently aware of your business, even in subtle ways.

Bundle your items for an Easter basket.

Whether you sell products or services, package your items together for an Easter special. If you do sell physical products, select a few to put into a decorative basket and add a ribbon to promote it in festive packaging.

Make an Easter sales sign.

Create custom signs to promote a holiday special you’re having just for Easter day or for the whole weekend. Play up the holiday by talking about your “eggs-cellent” savings or wishing them an “eggs-stra” special day. Make it light, fun, and a little bit silly. The point is to make it entertaining and engaging for your customers.

Host an Easter event.

You can host a mini-Easter egg hunt at your store or nearby park and invite customers and the community to join in on the fun. It’s a great way to brand yourself in a creative way. Fill plastic eggs with candy and other treats, but also include discounts in a few of the eggs for customers to use at a later date.


If you don’t have any Easter specials or didn’t have time to put together a marketing plan for the holiday, simply decorate. When your customers come into your store, set out decorated sugar cookies or a mini bags of jelly beans for them to take to celebrate the holiday and thank them for their patronage. If you do not have a storefront, consider making a special delivery for a few elite customers or clients to show your appreciation.

Consumers are ready to buy at holiday season.

It’s important to plan out a marketing strategy that makes you stand out from your competitors and introduces your brand in a different way. Play up your strengths and mix it in with the built-in sales times of the year, which includes all the holidays and seasons.

When your brand aligns with the buying mind, you’ll most likely see profits rise. Don’t forget to use all parts of your marketing to engage new customers. This includes mailers, newsletters, social media blasts, mobile marketing, and in-store specials. As with any marketing campaign, think about what makes you stand out and capitalize on that when you putting together your marketing plan.