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Crowdsourcing Your Next Design Project From Designhill



Over the last few years, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of small businesses and startups around the world, with each one being driven by entrepreneurs filled with unfaltering ambition, energy and desire. However, not every is lucky enough to early stage or seed funding, which makes most startups and small businesses obsessed with the words like low-cost and cost-effective.

Crowdsourcing as a Solution. 

In an article from the Fox Business, writer Ned Smith reveals that “Crowdsourcing is a growing and cost-effective way for small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs) to take advantage of a global talent pool of freelancers for services that range from accounting to website design. The concept is particularly gaining traction with business owners looking for ways to source graphic design quickly and affordably, a major pain point for many SMBs.”

Taking a cue from the statement, it is safe to say that startup founders and small business owners can drive company growth and success by tapping the creative potential of the crowd and get creative and professional graphic designs to effectively market and promote their brands, at affordable prices.

Design Crowdsourcing.

Many new-age entrepreneurs, technology pundits and media moguls strongly believe that it is a good graphic design that lays the foundation of success for any startup. Quite expectedly, custom design crowdsourcing marketplaces have become integral for startups and small businesses to establish their brand identity, garner media mileage and build a loyal customer base. And when it comes to crowdsourcing marketplaces, it’s difficult not to talk about Designhill, one of the world’s largest and most reliable custom design crowdsourcing marketplaces. In fact, this design contest based crowdsourcing platform has proved to be a low-risk proposition with high yielding results for hundreds of startups and small businesses.


Here are some reasons why crowdsourcing your next design project at Designhill will kickstart your startup.

1. Quick Results. If you’re a startup you not only need effective design solutions but also immediate design solutions. Remember, the sooner your graphics are done, the sooner you can start promoting your business. When you typically hire a design agency, your deadlines can take as long as months. Yes months, after all, you’re just another client waiting for your turn. But when you crowdsource your design project at Designhill, you gain access to graphic designers including logo designers, illustrators from across the globe, ready and willing to work for you under the tightest of deadlines.

2. Choices Galore. Most of you will agree that limited choices can hinder quality selection. And for most startups, being unique and different is the name of the game. When you crowdsource your design project at Designhill, you get many design ideas, inspirations and styles. With choices galore, you’ll be able to find more than just a few concepts to match your project needs. Different design concepts will not only help you gain clarity on your ideas but will also help shape your brand identity.

3. People’s Skill. Most startup owners are new business leaders who constantly need to sharpen their people’s skills and mentorship practice. These skills are integral to every startup as building a brand essentially requires building your staff. And many surveys have revealed that excellent mentoring skills keep teams within a startup motivated. Designhill’s interactive platform allows you to constantly sharpen these skills. When you crowdsource your design project at Designhill, you are required to provide specific, constructive feedback to a number of graphic designers who are working on your design project. While this helps you get exactly what you need at supremely affordable prices, it also helps you hone your people skills.

4. Quick Revision and Adjustments. Due to the hierarchical structures of deign studios, it often takes much longer than expected time to get the desired results. This is in direct contrast to how quickly you can get decisions, revisions and delivery when you crowdsource your design projects. This is because there’s no one else besides you and the designers involved in the entire process, which makes it really simple for you to interact and share your ideas with designers.

5. No Unnecessary Expenses. Crowdsourcing your design project helps you save a lot of bills that you may otherwise incur. It saves you money that you shell out for transportation, paid design previews and other expenses that you will incur when working with a design firm.

Some Other Benefits.

Besides, saving you a lot of fortune, crowdsourcing your next design project at Designhill also helps you build a solid brand for your startup. Here’s how:

1. First impression. Remember, first impression is the last impression! Your graphics are the visual representation of what your company stands for. Getting a novel, durable and creative design concept will encourage your target customers to give your products or services a chance. Since most customers stick to their first impressions, it’s vital that you impress your customers from the get go. But what should you do when you’re a startup and don’t want to shell out so much just to have your graphic design needs met? Don’t worry, with Designhill offering you a network of highly talented designers—from web designers and logo designers to illustrators and graphic artists—you’ve got access to a huge talent pool.

2. Brand recall. Every year, major brands across the world spend thousands of dollars in branding and marketing activities just to attract their target audience. They do it only to make their brand, products and services memorable. One must remember that lack of customer interest for your brand can ruin your start-up. So, it is important to source creative and impressionable designs to not only boost your sales but also to leave an impression on your customers. The problem is that it’s often too expensive to get such high quality designs. Such websites with the large network of talented designers can help you you source high quality designs at really affordable prices.