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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Used Mobile Phones


Sell Used Mobile Phones

In this technologically advanced world it is all most impossible to keep up to date with the latest technology. When it comes to smartphones, for example, we know that every year brings the newest and latest from mobile phone companies. Just this year alone we’ve seen the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+; by September next year we’d probably be talking will be talking about iPhone 7 (and iPhone 7+). Similarly Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is coming this April and by next year the buzz will be on its predecessor.

Thus you can see why it can be quite difficult to stay up-to-date; either you go for the latest and most recent version, or stay with an outdated one. So what’s a possible solution? The answer is simple – sell your old mobile phones to fund a new one. In fact, it’s what many people do.

However, before you decide to sell your phone you need to understand that it’s most likely that you will lose some money selling your old phones – aside from some exceptional cases it is very unlikely that you’d be able to sell your $800 phone at same price or higher. Wear and tear means that there will be some form of depreciation. The more time a device has spent with you and the more roughshod its condition, the lower a price you’d get for it.

3 Things to Keep In Mind Before Selling your Phone.

  1. How much time it has spent with you.
  2. What is its physical condition – i.e is there any wear and tear and scratches on the mobile device?
  3. What current market trend is there for the products of particular mobile company.

The price of your used mobile phone is going to be decided based on the above factors. You’d get a better price if it has spent less time with you, its condition is still good and if the demand is still high for that particular model and brand.

Where to Sell Your Mobile Phone?

In most countries there are local marketplaces – physical or online – where you can sell your phone. However if you don’t want to visit physical stores the best way is through the Internet. There are quite a number of online sites to sell my phone at the best possible rates, such as SellMyPhone.co.uk. Compared to other companies its rates for used mobile phones are competitive and a further advantage is that it pays out on the same day the mobile phone is received by the company’s mobile inspection team.

Do you have any other company in mind? Feel free to share in the comment section below.