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The 4 Most Popular Jobs In Social Media


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A few years ago social networks boomed, causing changes in the way people socialize, but also how companies approached marketing. We have seen major social networks like MySpace, Friendster or Orkut closed and others like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIN transform our habits on the internet.

Companies have adapted these new media to their marketing and communication plans, creating new channels of communication with both clients and internally. In addition, the professionalization of Social Media has promoted the creation of several jobs, hitherto unknown, around marketing strategies in social networks. Today we discuss the four most popular social media jobs in the world of social networks:

Social Media Strategist.

A Social Media Strategist establishes and designs the strategy for the brand in social networks. He creates public profiles for businesses, allowing them to interact freely with their customers through their various social profiles. Thus, the Social Media Strategist provides an interactive relationship between company and customers. The Social Media Strategist sets the strategy details for the actions to perform, makes plans for any possible crisis regarding the reputation, searches for channels that have presence, etc.

Community Manager.

A Community Manager represents the link between a company and an online community, and focuses on the implementation of the strategies and actions defined by the Social Media Strategist. Increasingly, people gather in virtual groups where they share interests and ideas. These virtual communities are an ideal solution for companies that want to connect to a particular segment of the population. The tool or bridge to achieve this goal is the Community Manager. The main objective of a Community Manager is to use these virtual communities to increase brand loyalty. In short, he seeks to maximize the Social Media Marketing strategy of the company. To be a good Community Manager it is necessary for one to be analytical and creative about promoting a company and its products or services skills. Great adaptability is also needed for new resources and tools.

Social Media Marketing Manager.

This job profile oversees the design and implementation of strategies for social media marketing, social media set by the strategist. Its aim is to achieve an increase in the audience and take their brand appear in the front of the virtual scene. The Social Media Marketing Manager employs a wide range of tools to analyse and monitor the actions carried out in social networks. Also, he has to draw conclusions and redirect actions based on the results of monitoring. He also oversees the creation of content tailored to each social network and tries to maximize its effects. The Manager also oversees the communication strategy for different platforms and delegates its goals and expectations for the rest of the team of online marketing.

Blogger or Copywriter.

It is essential for editors (bloggers and copywriters) to ensure a good online brand presence. They need to write content to share power and thereby raise the attention of virtual communities in order for them to head their way. Thus, a Social Media Copywriter has a dual function. For one, he must create relevant online content through platforms like blogs in order to increase the engagement of his audience. On the other hand, he should attract more followers and readers to the company’s profiles.

In short, all these professional profiles work together in order to achieve a more personalized depiction of the brand through social networking, accessing an unlimited pool of potential consumers. The possibilities of social networks does not stop growing and evolving, making these Social Media professions increasingly popular as they can redefine the future (and present) of Digital Marketing.


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