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Savvy Sales Techniques For Startups


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Even if you have come up with a winning product or service idea, it won’t bring your startup business success unless you know how to sell it. There are several sales techniques that every startup should be aware of before they enter the market.

Armed with this know-how you will have a much better chance of attracting customers to your business and selling your product or service.

Research and understand your market.

Before you stand a chance of selling, you must gain an acute awareness of your market. This will involve thorough research into the relevant purchasing habits of your prospective customers. What are their needs? What items do they currently buy? Why do they buy these products or services? When do they typically buy them? How do they buy them e.g. online, in store, etc.? Not only will this give you an insight into your potential customers, but also your future competitors. As part of the market research process, it is important to find out which customer needs are not being met at present by the available products or services. This will allow you to pitch your product or service in a way that meets these requirements.

Highlight the benefits of your product or service.

When attracting customers to your product or service, be explicit about the unique benefits your business offers and how this meets the customer’s needs. However, in doing so never lie or even over-exaggerate. When the customer finds out you are not honest, you could lose them and potentially many prospective customers if they share their experience with others. You shouldn’t be negative about other businesses when selling your product or service as this will only give a bad impression. Always use positive selling techniques and focus on your services rather than those of your competitors. Highlight two or three major benefits of your product or service. Any more than this and your customers may find your business too sales aggressive.

Listen to your customers and plan ahead for helpful replies.

Startups are often eager to explain to customers the ins and outs of their amazing product or service. In doing so, they fail to notice that the customer may have various questions and queries. When selling your product you should spend as much time, if not more time, listening to the customer as you do talking to them. By listening to them, you will build up an even clearer picture of their needs. Have planned responses to anticipated customer queries about your business so that you can efficiently answer them. Look at great examples of sales promotions that may help to close the deal with an undecided customer. However, don’t hassle a customer who clearly is not interested in your product or service.

Whenever you are dealing with a customer, it is important to remain professional and polite during the entire interaction. When selling your product or service, aim for a sound balance between promoting the benefits and listening and responding to the customer.