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Bartering For The Purpose Of Growing One’s Business


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Small business owners constantly look for new ways to grow the company, and with the tough economic conditions things can be rather complicated. And while we know it is critical to consider every option that can be available to the business owner, the challenge is this: how do we learn about the kinds of options we have?

That’s where professionals come in – as you talk to them you are likely to quickly find out there may be alternatives you had no idea about (it goes without saying that it is always a good idea, for example, to talk to a firm that is specialized in business growth, such as Todays Growth Consultant, if you’re looking to grow your business).

But when it comes to growing the business, the biggest challenge is that entrepreneurs today need to spend a lot of cash that they may not have. But with this there can be an alternative – the cashless barter system where goods and services are traded without the need for cash. There are some such online services where you can easily use to list your own products or services for trade, earning trade credit that you can use to purchase other products or services from other companies.

It sounds like a simple exchange system, and it is – but an added value is the access to a varied and rich network of active companies offering services and goods of various kinds, ranging from renovation services, office equipment, office sales, accounting, to advertising, gift certificates and more.

More Than Just Cash.

There may be those who oppose bartering, especially those who simply as a mere exchange of goods and services. But one should consider that the benefits associated with bartering is beyond just saving cash – it’s a way to increase sales that can ultimately lead to business growth, as well as a far healthier cash flow. In fact, some companies end up generating a sizeable revenue every single day through barter networks.

Indeed, a barter exchange can bring in new sellers and buyers together, creating potential customers that can be used by the business owner outside of the barter system.

Taking Advantage Of Excess Capacity.

Most companies out there are faced with an excess capacity or inventory; for example, staff may be under-utilized at that point in time, or there may be aging inventory in the warehouse that may be better traded off than let expire. Excess airline plane seats and hotel rooms are such examples, as well as empty tables at restaurants. In terms of goods, it’s better to trade off, for example, cartons of beer that’s coming close to their best-by dates in return for trade credit than throwing them into a landfill when they become unsellable.


To sum up, bartering can not only help one to make more money, but also maximize the efficiency and overall effectiveness of an entire business. It is one possible option that business owners can consider in the modern business scenario when it comes to growing the company.