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Why Your Startup Should Rely On The Digital World


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Digitalization is a process that has changed the way brands communicate with their targeted audience. The user has gained a lot of experience when it comes to their online behavior and there are many things that find themselves useless due to the fact that the brands don’t know how to communicate with their users quite well.

Here are some examples on how to use the digital world to boost a startup and make it appealing to the public:

Be Different. Act Different.

A first reason why you should rely on the digital world in order for people to actually hear about you is because of the globalization of everything. The internet allows users to be in contact with companies from all over the world, but this has opened up the competition between the companies as well. So, if you have a startup and you want to reach you target buyer, you need to start thinking different. Your startup’s financial planning will be better when you are different.

Everybody wants to be unique, but we live in a world where the concept of “copy-paste” applies in many fields. The idea here is simple: find the one thing that makes your company shine and illustrate it as best as possible.

Put Your Website Up Early.

One other aspect that should be mentioned here is the idea of timing. There are many startups that leave the marketing strategy as the last think they have to do before they lunch their startup. This is a false premise due to the fact that a marketing strategy requires a lot more than just a website and a Facebook page. Dedicated IT outsourcing brings in the possibility to basically have a website that is perfect and that is well created to bring in marketing success.

Differentiation comes from handling one’s presence in the online environment as well, for example, M&M’s have a unique way of selling their products, giving personality to their candy. Nike has created various campaigns that are linked to the idea of inner motivation, rather than wearing shoes. As you can see, the product needs to be irrepressible, but marketing is the tool that will deliver your product to clients.

Online Endorsement.

Online endorsement has proven to be one of the most impressive way of making a certain product, brand or even service, viral. Let’s take the Flappy Bird example and see how it kicked off. It started as a simple game, that wasn’t very complex in terms of gameplay and storyline. The game hasn’t had success for 6 months, before one of the world’s most famous product reviewers has posted a video on his YouTube channel, testing the game and making it visible to the public.

In a matter of weeks, the game owner has reached a number of $10,000 a day from advertisements because more and more people were downloading the game. Additionally, he received threat messages from the ones that were frustrated with not being able to finish the game and that was the moment where he shut down the game for good.

As you can see, there are many things that can change the path of a startup, you just need to be able to identify the right one for yours. For more creative ideas on how to enhance your startup, you should check out the www.financialtipsor.com environment and see what kind of thinks you can add to your startup.


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