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[Infographic] 40 Coolest Tech Company Benefits


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The world’s leading tech companies don’t only seem to be spearheading technological innovation, but also tend to be the ones who are leading when it comes to providing staff welfare. After all, haven’t we all heard about how well Google feeds their employees, or that employees in Facebook don’t exactly need to call in sickies?

But great welfare doesn’t only exist in the bigger tech companies. Smaller ones also provide some of the most industry-leading benefits for their staff, from travel and holidays to health and wellness, and learning opportunities to, yes, food and drink. Did you know, for example, that WordPress creators Automattic provides staff with an allowance to outfit their own home office so they can be productive even if they work from home? That’s all kinds of cool.

Here’s an infographic put together by the folks from Unum on the coolest staff benefits provided by 40 of the world’s tech companies:

40 coolest tech company benefits



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