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[Infographic] 7 Unorthodox Rituals Of Outstanding Leaders

jeff bezos

Some are born to lead; most simply follow. But what is it that sets these outstanding leaders apart, and helping them become the successes that we know them to be?

Earlier we looked at the secrets to success for some of Silicon Valley giants, where we found out that they all have different definitions of success and ways to achieve them. But did you know some of these amazing leaders can have bizarre unorthodox practices that they ascribe to? For example, Jeff Bezos of Amazon (right) gets his team to read together. On the other hand, Virgin Group’s Richard Branson believes in always being on the move and not staying still.

Here’s an infographic that shares the unorthodox rituals of seven different outstanding leaders of our time:

7 Unorthodox Rituals Of Outstanding Leaders



[Infographic credit: Next Generation Recruitment]



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