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Seven Tips For Ensuring Startup Success


by Scott Gelbard

key-to-successMany entrepreneurs have aspirations about starting a company; however, they are not sure how to make it all work. There is so much conflicting advice to the point that it becomes confusing, causing startup business owners to question what advice to follow.

Here are seven tips that are sure to dramatically improve the chances of success for startup businesses:

1. Constantly Test Ideas.

Many startup entrepreneurs will prepare the plan to show to investors but will rarely test out product or service ideas.

Business owners need to run their ideas by people who will actually be interested in purchasing their products or services before presenting them to investors. If people in their niche market do not give positive feedback, these startup owners will need to make adjustments. It is best to know early on which ideas will succeed and which ones will not.

2. Watch the Market Closely.

Some make the mistake of ignoring their competitors, thinking that it does not matter what is happening with the competition. Ignoring competitors is a huge mistake because they can get ahead of unsuspecting company owners in the market without trying. It is best to carefully watch the competition, always looking for ways to be more innovative and outdo them.

3. Watching the Finances Carefully.

Business owners need to watch their finances carefully. They need to look for ways to cut the budget but not sacrifice quality. Great care also needs to be exercised when giving out equity because when businesses experience great success, this practice will become expensive.

4. Hire People to Get the Job Done.

Hiring the right people to get the job done will always result in success. It is best for entrepreneurs to hire individuals who compliment their skills. If some things are too expensive to afford in-house, they must be outsourced.

5. Put Focus on Value.

Always offer something of value to customers. People are always excited to do business with companies that make them feel like they’ve gotten a lot for their money. Companies that offer a valuable product or service will quickly build a good reputation in the community.

6. Encourage Collaboration.

Good ideas are not only restricted to one person. When a team of workers get together, many ideas are generated. As the old saying goes, “Two heads are always better than one.” This saying certainly holds true within companies.

7. Have No Fear in Being Different.

Many investors will encourage new business owners to be conservative with their ideas and follow the path of others in their industry. However, if these startup owners have a new idea that is different and is proven to be successful, it is essential that it be articulated in a convincing fashion to investors along with proof with these ideas being widely accepted by the niche market. Surveys are one way to provide proof of acceptance.

8. Encourage a Work-life Balance.

Many have this unmistaken mentality that those who leave early from the job are losers. What these individuals fail to realize is that those who have a good balance between work and their home life perform the best. Because of this, it is best for entrepreneurs to encourage their workers to work hard during the day and spend time with the family in the evenings.

These tips are a good starting point on your road to success.