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[Infographic] Habits Of Unsuccessful People Vs Successful People


Regardless of your definition of success, merely getting by in life is not what we were set on earth to achieve. But achieving success in life doesn’t quite happen through happenstance but require a combination of talent, timing, sweat as well as no small measure of luck.

Studies have shown that successful people do share many common habits – for example these include the penchant to track progress, the ability to dissect and learn from mistakes, thinking long term and taking risks while maintaining balance in life.

On the other hand, unsuccessful people unfortunately also share similar traits with one another that lead them to mediocrity. They tend to waste time, get distracted easily, like to blame others, not set goals and fear change. They also like to hold grudges and want others to fail- an entire litany of sins.

Here’s an infographic from that compares the habits of unsuccessful people and those that are far more likely to succeed in life.

Habits of Unsuccessful People vs Successful People



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