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7 Reasons Business Owners Could Need A Ghostwriter


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Ghostwriters are a strong force in the writing world. They are responsible for a majority of the content on websites. These writers are not given credit for their work. Ghostwriting is when writers provide content for pay, but the website owner owns the content and can do with it what they please. When an article is submitted to a client and payment is made, the content no longer belongs to the writer.

There are many benefits to having ghostwriters available to you, which are discussed below:

1. Professional Writing Experience.

Many ghostwriters make a living from writing content for others. When the ghostwriter is working in their primary niche, they are considered to be experts in these areas. It also means that the content you receive should be relevant, fresh and essentially perfect.

The writer is likely to charge more for their primary niche, so keep this in mind.

2. Ghostwriters have the Time (you don’t).

Writers have odd schedules or no schedule at all. Some work feverishly to meet tight deadlines and take on bulk amounts of work for several clients at one time. There are occasions where a ghostwriter will take rush work that a client needs urgently. These items are pushed in between other assignments and often come with an additional fee to get the content to you in a short period of time.

Ghostwriters have the time that business owners don’t and understand how to provide relevant content for the readers.

3. A Different Approach.

Every writer has a specific style. This fresh approach to delivering content may be the answer to increasing the traffic to your website or blog. The content written by them can also be shared on social media for more exposure. This is beneficial since those that enjoy the content or find it useful will also share it, reaching more readers.

4. Aware of Google Regulations Regarding Content.

Ghostwriters tend to stay up-to-date on the latest content regulations regarding keyword usage, backlinking procedures and general content guidelines put forth by Google. This helps to ensure that you will not receive any reprimands from Google. The writer is also likely to inform his or her client if their request violates the regulations so that the appropriate changes can be made before the content goes live.

5. Brand Protection.

Ghostwriters don’t have a general connection to a brand. This allows them to provide unbiased information in a positive tone. They research the company before writing the requested content. For this reason, website and small business owners get the most relevant content for their readers. Relevant content is important and having someone within the company write the piece may cause personal reflections to be included, which may not always be positive.

6. Flexible Schedules.

Writers have flexible schedules, meaning that if you are in need of a piece of content later in the evening, chances is they are up working and you can have what you need quickly. Many writers also work on weekends which is a plus to those that need to publish fresh content bright and early on Monday mornings.

7. Ghostwriters are Not Staff.

One of the perks of working with ghostwriters is that they are not employees. You are not obligated to offer them work more than once and you do not have to put them on payroll. Ghostwriters are disposable. As your content needs change, you can easily start with fresh writers as there is an abundance of freelance writers available at any given time. Keep in mind though; you get what you pay for. If you are paying a low rate, the writer is not going to feel entirely obligated to provide high-quality work when research is required.

There are many benefits to working with ghostwriters, as you can see from the information given above. Always ask for published samples or proof of expertise in a specific area. This will help you to gauge the writer’s skills before giving them an assignment. Of course you could always work with the ghostwriter on a trial piece if you wish too. This is their “interview”, their opportunity to show you that they can do the work you require with high-quality results. Finding the right ghostwriter for your specific needs may take a few trials but when you are specific about your needs, only the most qualified will apply.


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