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Bored At Work? Here’s 5 Tips To Change Course.



Becoming bored with your job can creep up on you – often the transition to an almost apathetic autopilot happens over time until you find yourself uninspired and unhappy.

Changing jobs might seem like the best solution – and sometimes it is – but there are some things you can do right now to help get your mojo back on track.

1. Do Some Study.

Not only can undertaking professional development help you to achieve your career goals, it can also renew some of your spark and help you feel motivated and interested in what you’re doing again. Most registered training organisations like etrainu have a range of courses to suit most industries and offer flexible delivery which means you can study online at your own pace.

2. Eat The Frog First.

Mark Twain once said that if you ‘eat a live frog first thing in the morning nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day’. While it’s advisable to leave the local amphibians alone, try to get any dreaded or particularly monotonous tasks out of the way early. This lets you focus on the aspects of the job you enjoy more for the rest of the day.

3. Find A Hobby.

Having some sort of extracurricular outlet can help make the work day more bearable. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to knit, start a blog or join the netball team, do it now. It doesn’t change the fact that you need to go to work to pay the bills but it does help to give you better work life balance and ensures you have something to look forward to.

4. Set Yourself Challenges.

Challenges help provide mental stimulation and interest in what you do. If there aren’t any more demanding tasks you can take on, turn your work day into a game. Have a little bit of harmless fun like setting yourself time challenges to complete certain tasks or other simple, inoffensive and unobtrusive dares that will help the time pass.

5. Work Out Why You’re Bored.

If your job isn’t utilising your skills or giving you the challenges you crave, you may have some soul searching to do. If you can’t achieve your career goals in your current position or company, it might be time to consider moving on. But there’s no point going from one less than ideal situation to another – if you’re going to change jobs (or careers), invest some time into working out what it is you really want to do so you can start making steps to achieve your new goals.

Every job has some aspects that are a little repetitive and tedious but if you’re finding your whole work day is starting to feel a little dull, you may need to try some of these boredom busters. Try to think back to what used to motivate and excite you and brainstorm how you can get those feelings back. What’s your best tip for coping with boredom at work?