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5 Ways To Keep In Contact With Remote Staff



Starting a business can be difficult enough without having to keep a watchful eye on everyone within your company. When your company strays from the typical small office environment, this can be even more difficult, particularly if your staff telecommutes.

Instead of stressing over who is doing what and when, get a grasp on some of the great software that is available for constant communication:


Asana is a task management system with a clean and simple user interface. Rather than sending several emails to each person working on a project, send them individualized tasks through Asana.

You can delegate tasks specific to certain projects and even provide details like graphics and schedules. Users can even receive emails to let them know there are new tasks available. Since each team member can mark tasks as completed, there’s no need to micromanage either. When the tasks are completed, you’ll receive a notice as well. (Free to start; paid options available)


Host group meetings whenever and wherever with StartMeeting. This handy source allows you to host audio meetings with as many people as you want. You can even create presentations with screen sharing so that you clearly relay your message. Hosting a web meeting is easy and international options are even available, which is particularly helpful if you have members working abroad. The service even features cloud storage for file sharing. (Free to start; paid options available)


Yammer is like a social media site for business. It is far more secure than a Facebook group and there’s no questionable Terms of Service to create security risks. All groups are password protected and allow for the members of a team to get their voice heard. Ideas don’t need to come specifically from the team that’s working on them so there’s no reason limit your company’s abilities. As an added bonus, you can even share files from Microsoft Office and PDFs. (Free to start; paid options available)


Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular as technology moves further away from physical data. Dropbox was one of the first companies to throw their name into the cloud storage ring and it’s used by over 300 million users. Some companies are even steering away from physical server storage in favor of cloud storage options. While Dropbox’s initial free offering of 2GB may seem paltry, they allow you to expand as needed so there’s no need to upgrade until necessary. (Free to start; paid options available)

LogMeIn Pro

Maintain constant access to your files and information with LogMeIn. This service allows you to remotely login to your computer no matter where it’s located. You can even login on the go from your Android or iOS devices. While you’re logged in, you use the source computer to access all files so there won’t be compatibility issues across platforms. This is particularly helpful if you have any traveling team members who may not be able to bring their computers along for the trip. ($99-$449 annually depending on usage)

A good business owner is never completely hands off, but there’s no need to be elbow deep when there are so many viable communication options available. With these solutions, email looks like an archaic system of yesteryears. Allow your team members to focus their attention while you focus on expanding your business.