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5 Keys To Getting Things Done On The Road



by Robb Begg, CMO at Introhive

I’ve seen the insides of many hotels over the last 10 years. I know what goes into a great hotel room, and I know what differentiates work trips where you’re productive and those where everything feels like a struggle. I’ve worked in all sorts of different environments and have learned a thing or two about doing it effectively.

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the amount of business travel across the North America. The recession put a slight damper on things for a few years, but recent evidence shows business travel is back and more important than ever to ensure you’re effective while on the road.

For salespeople and account management especially, there’s just no better way to nurture professional relationships than a face to face meeting, but you can’t be in meetings all the time. The work that got done when you were back in the office often still needs to get done. Here are a few ingredients that will help you reach optimum productivity while working on the road:

Bring Your Chargers, Adapters & Gadgets.

It’s going to slow you down when you go through TSA checkpoints, but it’s important that you bring all the gadgets you’ll need with you. Whether it’s a tablet, phone, laptop, charger or headphones, make sure you have everything it takes to maximize productivity on the road.

Most airports and hotels have AC Power sockets where you can plug in and be productive. In fact, some hotels are even offering shuttles that include both WiFi access & AC power. It’s at these moments when having all your tools in your tool belt comes in handy the most.

Recharge On The Regular.

If you’re going to be on the road, you need to ensure your technology is working at full capacity. Your laptop should be charged when you go to the Airport and your phone should be charged, so you’re never stranded looking for a pay phone. Most hotels have outlets next to the bed, use them and sleep with your devices charging so you can wake up to 100% battery life in the morning. After Folgers, a charged battery is one the best parts of waking up.

Be Flexible With Your Calendar.

A lot of people like to over plan their schedules when travelling which often results in overbooking as well. If you’re going to be on the road, you need to have a bit of flexibility and give yourself some wiggle room. Don’t make the mistake over creating a firm calendar and over planning your entire trip.

When I say don’t over plan, I’m not talking about what you’re going to say during your presentation. I’m talking about not over planning as it relates to where you’ll eat dinner, what time you need to be in bed and what time you need to be in the lobby. Give yourself time and enjoy the breaks between your hectic schedule.

Be Armed With Apps & Automation.

Even when you’re on the road you will face the day-to-day tasks that don’t seem daunting on your home turf. Things like getting back to requests in a timely manner or calling a cab seem easy at first glance but can become challenging when travelling through airports and conference rooms.

Arm yourself with the resources that will help you be more effective and efficient while working on the road. That means leveraging a software like FancyHands to act as a personal assistant or using Uber to get from point A to point B. It’s these little tasks that can help you keep your sanity and ensure that you stay effective & efficient.

Double Check On Hotel WiFi Services.

It’s hard to believe that some hotels still don’t offer free WiFi for their guests. I’ve made the mistake of booking a hotel that said, “We offer WiFi,” only to be met with a paywall shortly after my arrival. Sure, the lack of “free” should have been my first sign but who knew there were still hotels willing to play these dirty tricks?

Research your hotels using TripAdvisor or dig deep into other reviews found online. AirBnB, an online marketplace that allows people to rent a room or their home, has recently become one of my go-to options for accommodations and “Free WiFi” is typically a part of every home.

What else can you do to ensure you’re staying effective while working on the road?


Rob Begg

As Introhive’s CMO, Rob Begg is responsible for making sure sales has the leads, tools, and awareness needed for success. Prior to joining Introhive, Rob was vice president of product marketing for salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. With almost two decades’ and five start-ups’ worth of marketing and sales enablement experience, Rob is often sought to speak and comment on social, content, and online marketing in high-growth business.