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Metro Ethernet Networking And How It Can Improve Your Business


Today’s businesses significantly rely on information technology. For effectual business operations, information transmission has to be efficient, fast, and robust. That’s why businesses are increasingly adapting new technologies to boost the efficacy of their entire networks and information transmission systems.

Metro Ethernet is a popular technology being used today. This is a network system installed to run on the local area network and connect different subscribers within a metropolitan area to a larger service provider or the internet.

This solution has been largely adapted by individual subscribers and businesses in connecting to internet service providers. In fact, a significant number of metropolitan towns and cities have already adapted this system to boost connectivity and information transmission. Its popularity is growing primarily because of its substantial reliability benefits particularly to businesses. There are other benefits, too.

Cost Effectiveness.

Networking is a considerable cost for businesses because of the equipment, labor and expansive cable installations. Before the introduction of the Metro Ethernet, businesses basically installed network systems by connecting individually to large service providers. You’d spend a lot of time and money installing the cables and subscribing individually to the service providers.

Metro Ethernet made things easier through the layer 2 connection. Through the technology, you can securely connect your business’ LAN (Local Area Network) to other individuals and businesses’ LAN networks to make an expansive LAN. The expansive LAN is subsequently connected to larger service providers to draw services from them. This is a shared bill from businesses collectively.

With lower bills and less equipment to install and maintain, you can focus in developing other more critical aspects of your business. You don’t even have to hire a permanent specialist to monitor the network.

Scalable Bandwidth.

As a business owner, you expect your business grow steadily as you gain more customers and improve your market dominance. As your growth increases, you’ll need to upgrade your business facilities to accommodate more expansive operations and a larger customer and employee base. You’ll therefore need faster and more robust information systems to efficiently handle the information transfers and internet connectivity.

Fortunately, with Metro Ethernet, your network will grow according to your preferences. You don’t have to keep re-installing systems anytime you need a bandwidth upgrade. The bandwidths are easily scalable and you can easily dictate exactly what you need for your business.

A significant number of small businesses use a bandwidth of about 3 Mbps while mid-sized companies use a standard 10 Mbps connection. If your need increases, you can order for an upgrade to 100 Mbps, 1,000 Mbps or possibly even 10 Gbps depending on what you prefer.

High Speed and Reliability.

Reliability is very critical when it comes to business information systems. Without a reliable system, you risk losing vital information or crippling the entire system every time a problem develops within the hardware. Fortunately, the metro Ethernet is engineered to prevent this by allowing businesses to expand their networks without relying on a dial up system that needs consistent maintenance of the cables.

Its high speed is not only reserved for cabled networks but also for wireless systems. You can create a Wi-Fi hotspot with high internet speeds for all computers and devices connected to it. It even allows easy network communication between the connected devices.

Many businesses have successfully adapted metro Ethernet to improve their operations and overall business productivity. One particular example is the Jim Ellis Automotive Group, based in Atlanta. They previously used the T1 connection system which proved to be very disadvantageous compared to the new metro system they recently adopted.


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