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Innovation and Enterprise In e-Commerce Websites


There have been dramatic strides in the way that e-commerce websites tackle customer service. Gone are the days when customers were required to submit e-mails and wait inordinate amounts of time for customer service agents to respond to them.  The long queues at customer call centres have largely been obviated by way of new age customer self-service.

Customer service is now moving towards customer self-service. This does not detract from the level of personalized care and support the customers are privy to. For example, customers can enter their search queries in real time and have tailored responses in real time. This is made possible by way of messaging software and customer support service software that responds in real-time with a self-aware knowledge base.

Many e-commerce sites are adopting customer self-service as a means of reducing shopping cart abandonment, increasing return on investment (ROI) and maximizing customer satisfaction levels. As one of the premier innovations in small businesses, self-service support is paving the way towards leaner and more efficient customer service departments where fewer personnel are required.

The cost savings are passed on to the customer in the form of more competitive pricing and more expertly trained staff.  The reduction in e-mail queries is substantial, as is the wasted time that customer support agents are spending on responding to routine queries. Now, customer agents can respond to specific queries that require their undivided attention while the customer support software self-service assists customers on their own terms.

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