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5 Tips To Quickly Advance As A Professional


by Jeffrey Fermin, cofounder of Officevibe

Have you ever wondered what really makes an employee awesome in the eyes of the boss?

There are always the obvious answers: they love friendly, motivated, enthusiastic workers that are passionate about their job. That’s great and all but how do we actually become this kind of worker and how do we use that to advance in the corporation?

You might be thinking that getting promoted is out of reach for you, especially if you are new to the workforce, but maybe you should rethink that. We can do anything we set our minds to, right?

One thing is for sure; in order to get promoted, you need to stand out against your co-workers.

1. Think in Terms of Growth and Innovation.

This world is ever changing, which means that the way we communicate, think, and work needs to change with time as well. We can do this by expanding our abilities.

The first step is to define your strong and weak points at the office. Next, decide which weak points you would like to improve on. For example, if a small part of your job is writing sales emails and you feel that your writing is not where you want it to be, you could take a few writing courses on your own time. This will show your boss that you are making the initiative to become a stronger asset within the company.

Taking courses or attending training programs will help you grow and therefore become a more valuable worker.

Improving innovation throughout the office will benefit you and the company that you work for. Opportunities for innovation can be found almost anywhere. You can innovate by using software, by introducing a better method of communication, or by doing certain tasks in a more efficient manner.

2. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity.

This is a good rule to follow in almost every aspect of life. However, as far as getting promoted goes, do not try to push yourself to deliver more and more work. Instead, push yourself to deliver more quality work because that will have the stronger impact.

3. Have a Positive Attitude.

Having a positive attitude might seem obvious and maybe a little cliché but it is really important. If you have a positive attitude, people will most likely want to work with you, which will make working in teams and finishing combined goals easier.

The importance of working in teams cannot be stressed enough.

You need to be able to fit into the corporate culture and stand out in order to be noticed and promoted. A company will have a hard time promoting you if you have a hard time working well with others. With that being said, have empathy for your co-workers and help them become successful too. Make sure to try some team building activities to bring your team together.

4. Be Loyal.

Loyalty is powerful; one can measure your character through this one trait in an instant. Your loyalty to the company is tested on a daily basis with situations of work gossip to offers from competing companies.

You should think hard about switching companies even when others may be offering you a higher salary and more enticing benefits.

Will a different company be able to replace any future opportunities you have with the company you currently work for? Will they be able to replace the trust and communication you have with your current work team? In the end, it may be best to stay with your current company and let your loyalty shine through.

5. Be the Best You Can Be at Your Current Position.

Some people believe that they shine if they start taking on work that is not necessarily theirs. This tactic is not the fast track to getting promoted.

Take a close look at your job description and make sure you are completing each job to your highest ability. When doing so, you can be sure that you are doing your very best at your current position, which is a prerequisite to getting promoted.

Getting promoted requires more effort than what your job description asks for. Remember to stay positive, motivated, and work hard!

Do you have a promotion success story? Share in the comment section below!


Jeffrey Fermin is Officevibe’s cofounder and is in charge of all marketing efforts and business development for the company. Fermin has the pleasure of engaging with the Officevibe community where he talks, tweets and blogs about company culture and employee engagement.





  1. Great post – totally agree with the points, especially with focusing on learning & being positive. Research has repeatedly shown how learning is a big contributor to your happiness & improves your resilience, creativity, self-confidence & performance. The key here is to focus on your strengths because they are natural to you & hence you’ll find more enjoyment using them – and their development will often naturally improve some of your weaker points too.

    Positivity is contagious, attractive & appreciated – it is so powerful! So remember to always smile, be appreciative, and find the good in everything. Even if there’s a problem or challenge you face, focus on creating the solution without obsessing over the problem itself.

    Last but not least, thanks for linking back to Happyologist – team building definitely boosts engagement & productivity! 🙂


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